[Retros] Lots of recent publications

Andrew Buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Sun Jul 27 11:31:56 EDT 2003

Thanks to folks who've recently sent documents as attachments. I suspect
that I may not be the only member of the list who lives in the world of
Microsoft Outlook Express. Under this regime, arriving attachments are
classified as safe or unsafe based on the file type. If the attachment is
deemed unsafe (e.g. for .txt files or .wps) then I am prevented from
accessing it to read it.

However, if the sender zips the attachments, so the file type is .zip, and I
can unzip it and read the attachments happily. This has the added advantage
of reducing the size of the attachment, although typically the files that we
send around are quite small in size. Indeed even relabelling a .txt file as
.zip will allow it to pass the Microsoft scrutiny, although I wouldn't
recommend doing that.

This brings up a bigger question, that of the safety of reading unsolicited
attachments. Outlook works this way it does for a reason. If I read an email
from a member of this panel, and the email refers to an attachment, and
talks about it in a chessically coherent way, then I will assume that the
attachment is genuine. If there is no supporting text, then I can assume
that the message is viral, and delete it.

Let me admit in case this seems academic, that a few weeks ago, I did
receive a virus through this mailing list, and the fragment of supporting
text stolen from another message for the originating user fooled me into
finding a laborious work-around so I could open the attachment. Such is the
passion of chess problems.

Summary: I suggest:
(1) zip your attachments.
(2) continue to supply supporting text in the email so I can determine the
mail is genuine.
(3) particularly for PC users, be careful in opening attachments, and keep
your virus checker up to date.

Thanks & regards,
Andrew Buchanan,
(or a virus masquerading as he).

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Here are several recent publications:

- Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya 46-50 (Thanks to Valeri Liskovets for sending
these to me!)
- Probleemblad may/june 2003
- Die Schwalbe 200 (march/april 2003), Die Schwalbe 201 (may/june 2003)
- The Problemist may 2003

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