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I got some request that participation to Champagne Tourney should be opened
via internet to people not present in Moscow.
So below (also in joint file) is the announcement.
Note the closing date : 30.07.2003 8 p.m. (Moscow time!).
I don't know yet whether I will be able to get my mails in Moscow (via some
cyber-cafe) or give another address where to send entries. In case of failure,
there will be 2 awards, one on place, and later one on internet (on retro
list); but I hope it will be possible to have an unified award (note anyway that
only those present in Moscow will drink Champagne!).
The theme could look more difficult than usual for a short time tourney; but
it is anti-Messigny theme! In Messigny, Thierry (Le Gleuher) set the theme
"capture of Pronkin piece" that looked also not simple for a short tourney and
there was 8 problems by 7 composers in the award (and presumably more
attempts). So I hope composers will be as inspired in Moscow as in Messigny and here we


Champagne Tourney - Moscow 2003

ProofGame with capture of Anti-Pronkin piece
Thematical capture doesn’t necessarily occurs on promotion square
Fairy ProofGames are allowed

Anti-Pronkin = an original piece goes to the promoting square of a captured
promoted piece. Promoted and original piece are of the same kind.
(Pronkin = a promoted piece goes to the original square of a captured
original piece)

Example  :
White : Ke1 Qd1 Ra1h1 Bf1 Nb1g1 Pa2b2c2e2f2g2h2
Black : Kf8 Qh7 Ra8g6 Bc8 Nb8g8 Pa7b7c7f7d5h5
PG 8,0 (15+14) C+

1.d4 h5 2.d5 Rh6 3.d6 Rg6 4.dxe7 d5 5.exf8=B Qf6 6.Bxg7 Qxg7 7.Bh6 Qh7 8.Bf8

Thematical moves :
5.exf8=B : promotion
6...Qxg7 : capture of promoted piece
8.Bf8 : original piece occupies promotion square (=Anti-Pronkin)
8...Kxf8 : Anti-Pronkin piece is captured

Entries to the judge Michel CAILLAUD
Closing date : Wednesday, 30th July 2003, 8 p.m.

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