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Tue Oct 29 02:07:37 EST 2002


I forgot to give the result of testing with Popeye for problems in Richard's
initial mail.
I assume games with initials are from 1996 and the others from 2002 by RS.
Pg2->Q,B (RS) is not listed in PDB (an overlook?).
They are C+ except the following ones (however, I didn't run Popeye for

> Pf2: 1.e4 2.Qg4 4.Qxg8 6.Qb3 11.g8R 13.Rxf7 15.Rc3 19.f7#

> not tested

> Pa2 -> R: 1.a4 4.ab7 5.Rxa7 7.Rf3 8.d3 10.Bxe7 11.Bxd8 12.Bf6 13.bc8R#

final intervertion : 12.bxc8=R 13.Bf6#

> Pa2 -> B: 1.a4 5.ba8B 7.Bg6 8.e4 10.Qxh7 11.Qxh8 13.Qe6 14.Bxf7#

> cooked : ...7.Bxh7 8.Bg6 9.e4 11.Qxh8...

> Pa2 -> N: 1.d3 3.Bxe7 4.Bxd8 6.Bc1 7.e3 9.Qxh7 10.Qxg7 12.Qxa7 13.Qxa8

> 15.Qh4 20.a8N 21.Nxf7#

> not tested

> Pb2 -> R: 1.a4 4.Rxd7 6.d5 8.Qxa7 9.Qxb7 11.Qa2 16.bc8R 17.Rxd8#

not tested

Pb2 -> B: 1.d4 2.d5 4.Qxa7 5.Qxb7 6.Qb4 7.Qf4 12.bc8B 16.Bxf7#

> not tested


> Pb2 -> N: 1.a4 4.Rxd7 6.d5 8.Qxa7 9.Qxa8 10.Qxb7 12.Qg4 17.bc8N

> 18.Nxe7 20.Nxd8 22.Nxf7#

> not tested

> Pc2 -> Q,R: 1.a4 4.Rxd7 7.d6 9.Qxb7 10.Qxc7 12.Qf6 17.cd8Q(R)#

> cooked in 16 : ...4.Rxb7 5.Rxc7 6.Rxd7 9.d6 11.Qf6...

> Pf2 -> Q: 1.f4 4.fg7 5.gh8Q 6.Qc3 7.d4 9.Bxc7 10.Bxd8 11.Bb6 12.Qc8#

final intervertion : 11.Qxc8 12.Bb6#

Best wishes,
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