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Very interesting!
Nicolas and Göran were quicker than me and posted positions similar to
So I will not wait any longer, waiting to have a finished set (maybe some of
the remaining combinations are impossible...). and give now the present (and
presumably not definitive) state of my findings :

New combinations :

Pe2 : 1.e4 3.Bh5 4.Qg4 5.Nf3 6.0-0 10.Rxa7 12.Rb3 17.axb8=N 18.Nxd7
20.Qxc8! 21.Ng4 24.exf7#

Pd2->B : 1.h4 4.Rxd7 6.Rf3 9.d6 11.Qxb7 12.Qxc8 14.Qxg7 15.Qg4 16.Bg5
18.Ke3 19.dxc7 20.c8=B 22.Bxf7#

Pd2->N : 4.dxc7 5.cxd8=N 6.Nxb7 8.Nxd7 10.Nxa8 11.Nc7# (C+)

Pf2->R : 4.fxg7 5.gxh8=R 6.Rxh7 8.Rc3!! 13.h8=B 15.Bxc7 16.Bxd8 18.Bf2 19.e3
21.Bxb7 22.Bf3 23.Rxc8#

Pf2->N : 4.fxg7 5.gxh8=N 8.Nf5! 9.h4 12.Rxc7 14.Re3 15.c4! 16.Nd6#

Shortening (if correct) of existing combinations :

Ra1 : 1.a4 3.Rg3 4.e3 6.Qxg7 7.Qxh8 8.Rxg8 9.Rxf8# (C+)

Ng1 : 3.Nb5 4.d4 5.Bg5 6.f4 9.Kh4 10.g3 12.Be6! 13.h3 14.Rh2 16.Qxb7 17.Qxc8
18.Nxc7# (C+) (very similar to Nicolas's position)

Pc2 : 4.dxc7 5.cxb8=Q 6.Qxa7 7.Qad4 8.Qxg7 9.Qc3 10.Qxc8 14.dxc7# (C+)

Pf2 : 1.e4 3.Qxh7 5.Qb3 6.h4 9.Rxf7 11.Rh3 15.f7#

Pa2->N : 1.e3 3.Qxh7 4.Qxg8 5.Qxg7 7.Qxa7 8.Qxa8 10.Qe4 15.axb8=N 16.Nxd7

Pb2->B : 1.a4 4.Rxb7 6.Re3 11.bxa8=B 13.Bxf7# (C+)

Pb2->N : 4.dxc7 5.cxb8=R 6.Rxb7 8.Re3 13.bxc8=N 14.Nd6# (C+)

Pc2->Q,R : 1.h4 3.Rc3 4.e3 6.Qxb7 7.Qxc7 8.Qh2 9.Rxc8 14.cxd8=Q(R)# (C+)

Pc2->B : 4.axb7 5.bxc8=R 6.Rxc7 8.Rf3 13.c8=B 15.Bxa8 17.Bxf7# (C+)

Pf2->Q : 4.fxg7 5.gxh8=Q 7.Qxa7 8.Qf2 9.e3 10.Bc4 11.Qxf7# (C+)

Pg2->R : 1.a4 3.Rg3 4.e3 6.Qxg7 7.Qc3 8.Rxg8 13.gxf8=R# (C+)

Ph2->B : 1.e4 3.Qxh7 5.Qb3 10.hxg8=B 11.Bxf7# (C+)

Positions from 1996 seem hard to crack; however Ph2->B and Pd2->N seem new
"overall" records for mate by a promoted B or N.

Best wishes,
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