[Retros] Question on SPG conventions

Juraj_Lorinc at nbs.sk Juraj_Lorinc at nbs.sk
Fri May 3 05:55:33 EDT 2002


Andrew Buchanan wrote:

>Is there any stylistic convention which would guide the composer in this

>tiny choice?

This question seems to be very similar to the question about placing line moving
piece that acts only on the one line in "normal" chess problems (e.g. bishop
guarding f3 on the long diagonal that can be placed on e4, d5, c6, b7, a8). If
there is no other reason for choice of right square (e.g. some thematical try
Bd5-e6?, need to cut the line, avoiding cook etc.), generally they are by
majority of composers placed on the edge or as far as possible from main
actions. The idea behind this choice can be in my opinion formulated in 2

- placing the linemover further usually reduces possible effects of lateral
movements (Ba8-b9?? impossible while Bd5-e6 is possible, or in other case if
there is pd7, Bd5-e6 directly attacks f5 while Bb7-c8 doesn't), thus reducing
side-effects not contributing to the idea of problem itself,
- full use of board dimensions is usually more pleasing to look at, if the units
are places on the edges of the board, it looks less crowded than with all units
in the middle or very close one to another.

Of course, there are many more similar "artistical" questions when one has
more-or-less correct position with some choices possible (some clearance). I
think Joost's approach (to choose the position that looks nicely) is used again
by vast majority of composers, but...

I admit that in my "player times" I really loved non-standard crazy positions
appearing in the games of others while mine was generally "standard". The
remains of this old loves in me cause sometimes that I prefer more visually
crowded position in my own composition to nicer one, just to tease the others.


Best wishes,


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