[Retros] Problems/Originals from the Retro Mailing List

Joost de Heer ildjarn666 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 17 03:02:41 EDT 2002

>In then past few weeks concerns were raised regarding the "Originals

>from the Retro Mailing List" pages on the Retro Corner:


>a) Some problems were sent to the Retro Mailing List first and appeared

>then in some magazine as "original". This may lead to some troubles.

Indeed. Posting on the mailing list is a first publication, according to the
codex (as found on http://www.sci.fi/~stniekat/pccc/codex.htm):
Part 2, Chapter V, Article 20, 2.c, (+note 22).

>b) Some problems were considered as "not good enough" for publication on

>the Retro Corner by the author.

As for my composition, I only mentioned it was cooked, not that it should be
removed :) It's too late to hide the corpse anyway, the composition is in
the PDB too.

>As a first step, I have changed the titles of the pages from "Originals

>from the Retro Mailing List" to "Problems from the Retro Mailing List" -

>which leaves it open whether the problems are originals or not.

See above: publication on the mailinglist counts as publication as original.

>More general, I propose the following "policy" for publication of

>problems from the Retro Mailing List on the Retro Corner:


>1. Intention: All I want to do is to preserve retro problems from the

>Retro Mailing List on the Retro Corner (not hidden in huge mail


A very good initiative. There are some really good compositions hidden in
the mailing list archives, which would be forgotten otherwise.

>2. In the future I will publish problems at least 6 months after the

>first appearance on the Retro Mailing List. This should guarantee that a

>problem appears first in a magazine and not on the Retro Corner.

Again, a publication in a magazine would be a second publication. Something
to keep in mind when posting new compositions to the list...


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