[Retros] Problems/Originals from the Retro Mailing List

Otto Janko otto at janko.at
Sun Jun 16 16:17:38 EDT 2002

Dear Retro Friend,

In then past few weeks concerns were raised regarding the "Originals
from the Retro Mailing List" pages on the Retro Corner:

a) Some problems were sent to the Retro Mailing List first and appeared
then in some magazine as "original". This may lead to some troubles.

b) Some problems were considered as "not good enough" for publication on
the Retro Corner by the author.

As a first step, I have changed the titles of the pages from "Originals
from the Retro Mailing List" to "Problems from the Retro Mailing List" -
which leaves it open whether the problems are originals or not.

Additionally, I have removed some problems which appeared on the Retro
Mailing List from the Retro Corner upon request by the author.

More general, I propose the following "policy" for publication of
problems from the Retro Mailing List on the Retro Corner:

1. Intention: All I want to do is to preserve retro problems from the
Retro Mailing List on the Retro Corner (not hidden in huge mail

2. In the future I will publish problems at least 6 months after the
first appearance on the Retro Mailing List. This should guarantee that a
problem appears first in a magazine and not on the Retro Corner.

3. Everyone can a) ask for removal of a problem from the Retro Corner or
b) request additional remarks, such as the first appearance in a
magazine (and I will update the Retro Corner accordingly)

4. I'll compile the pages for 2001 (for example) and put it onto the
Corner, but leave them *unlinked*. Then I'll announce the pages on the
Retro Mailing List, so everyone can preview it (and request
changes/removals). After a few weeks I'll make the pages public.

What do you think about?

- Otto Janko [mailto:otto at janko.at; http://janko.at]
-- Plausible Unmöglichkeiten sollten unplausiblen
- Möglichkeiten vorgezogen werden. [Aristoteles]

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