[Retros] Messigny solving championship

Andrew Buchanan anselan at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 27 01:27:58 EST 2002


Thanks for your mail. In Outlook Express, the reply-to field is not visible.
It's been an accident waiting to happen for a long while. If I was setting
up a mailing list like this I would set it up so the reply-to field is just
the sender. Then if someone makes a mistake: the message goes to 1 instead
of many, not a big deal. As it is, if someone makes a mistake, the message
goes to many instead of 1, which has got a much worse downside, as we have

I am not surprised that there are some cooks. The problem was not finished.
I was looking for support to analyze it. I can't even get it to run a) in a
reasonable time. What I would appreciate are the files that you got back
when you ran b), c) & d), so I can know what the duals are, even if you
didn't let them run to completion. I still have some design room in this

Thanks very much,

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>I don't understand why, when I hit reply, the message gets sent to the

>retros list, and not to the sender of the mail as it should normally. Hmmm.


It's simple: Reply-to field of the message is "retros at janko.at".

>Anyway, now the cat's out of the bag about this one, if someone can verify

>computationally whether this idea works, I would be grateful.

b, c, and d are cooked. You can test this with Natch, it'll try to solve the
thing in the -exact- number of moves you typed.

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