[Retros] Messigny solving championship

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Ha! Oh, well, I seem to have sent this to the wrong list. So much for
Messigny! :-) So much for the secrecy of this little problem!

I don't understand why, when I hit reply, the message gets sent to the
retros list, and not to the sender of the mail as it should normally. Hmmm.

Anyway, now the cat's out of the bag about this one, if someone can verify
computationally whether this idea works, I would be grateful. Although I
have put a lot of work into this one, I suspect there might still be a bug.
Please send any reports to anselan at hotmail.com, and I will keep the mailing
list posted on the results.

an embarrassed Andrew.

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J'ai un probleme que je crois est rigolo pour Messigny. Ce n'est pas trop
difficile a resoudre, mais par contre c'etait difficile a creer, et je ne
suis pas sur que il n'y a pas de duaux. Mon petit ordinateur n'est pas assez
puissant pour le verifier!

Si tu peux le verifier, alors tu es bienvenue.

(Problem excised)

Si tu trouve une erreur, pardon! Dans ce cas, est-ce que tu peux m'envoyer
tout les solutions qui apparaissent, et j'essayerai de le reparer. Il y a
encore des variations que je pourrais essayer.


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each year at the french problemist meeting in Messigny, there is a
retro solving championship. This year I am organising it and I am
asking composers help. The date of the meeting is in May, from
Friday, 17th to Monday, 20th.

I need original problems from composers that won't attend at the
meeting. The problems must also not be known by any attendent at
the meeting.

I need 10 problems, ranging from very easy to solve to hard to solve.
Most of the problems will be Shortest Proof Games, but there will
also be some classical retros. I would like to have also one fairy, not
too difficult, problem.

If you would like to propose one (or more) of your original
composition, please send it (them) directly to me at
pascal.wassong at free.fr . Don't send them to this list.

If you have any questions, send them also directly to me. I'll be glad
to answer them.

Thank you in advance for your contributions,
Pascal Wassong

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