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Heather Hettick hettick.1 at osu.edu
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Does anyone have actual test results to determine whether Jacobs are
carrying the susceptible genotypes or the genotypes for resistance?  The
article sounds like it was talking mainly about the northern short tailed
sheep breeds and may not apply to Jacobs in particular.

I am in the process of enrolling for the Voluntary Scrapie Program, but they
don't require the genotype testing, just monitoring and permanent
identification.  I had our vet test the flock for OPP since he had come to
do a farm check, but didn't spring for additional genetic testing.  Now I
sort of wish I had.

Heather Hettick
Moonstruck Jacob Sheep
Creston, OH
hettick.1 at osu.edu

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That was an interesting article. My take on it: Jacobs, being a primitive
breed, may not be genotypically scrapie resistant. Ms. Morris's concern
seems to be that people will choose NOT to continue breeding primitive
sheep at the very least and at worst eradicate them.

She stresses that because of the AA RR QQ genotype these primitive breeds
contain that they are less susceptible to oxidative stress, diseases, and
certain plant toxins and agrochemicals. This suggests to me that  the
issue is more complex than one gene pair. She also mentions there may be
a link between the AA RR QQ gentotype and color. If we were to choose
only scrapie resistant animals would we be choosing to breed only white
sheep? What other problems might we see in the future? More research
definitely needs to be done.

I would prefer monitoring (by joining the Volunteer Scrapie Eradication
Program). I will be  closing my flock and removing the couple of Suffolk
ewes we bought for market lamb projects to protect my primitive sheep
from possible exposure.

Debbie Bennett
Feral Fibre

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