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**** Adobe Creative Cloud To Be Priced At $49.99 Monthly, Includes Creative Suite 6 And Lightroom 4 ****
Jacob Schulman, The Verge

> Later in the first half of 2012, Adobe will introduce Creative Cloud, an end-to-end service offering that will grant users access to its upcoming Creative Suite 6 apps and provide ancillary services starting at $49.99 a month if you commit to a one year contract. The new software-as-a-service offering seems like a great deal, and when you compare $600 per year to $2,000 up-front, you'll have to think long and hard about whether it's worth it in the long term. Still, it's not hard to connect the changes to the rampant piracy that's plagued Adobe for years: a $49 entry price might lure in a lot of buyers who'd otherwise head straight to a torrent site.

**** MacBook Air: The Ultra Ultrabook And Business Windows, Too ****
Ted Schadler, ZDNet

> The coolest thing is that I can remain backwardly compatible with my organization’s requirements while embracing the new architectures of apps and devices. Nice work, Apple, Parallels, and our network & security team!

**** Apple Warns Developers Not To Manipulate App Store Rankings ****
Arnold Kim, MacRumors

**** Time Machine’s Hidden Local Backup! ****
Terry White, MacNews

**** The Best Keyboard Remapper For Mac OS X ****
Adam Dachis, Lifehacker

> KeyRemap4Macbook would rise to the top thanks to numerous remapping options, customizability, and helpful bonus features.

**** iPad, Take A Note: PaperPort Notes Adds Speech Recognition ****
Todd Ogasawara, Byte

> PaperPort Notes has been updated, by Nuance of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech-to-text fame. The 1.1 update introduces only one new feature, but it's a goodie: speech recognition for note taking. The price? Free.

**** Sandvox 2.5 ****
Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

> Karelia has released Sandvox 2.5, a major update of its popular Web site creation software. This new version introduces a drag-and-drop Slide Show object that enables you to cycle through images, and it offers a variety of controls including timing, transitions, and captions. It also provides enhanced sharing capabilities via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.

**** Bookle Brings ePub Reading To The Mac ****
Serenity Caldwell, Macworld

> While reading ebooks on your iOS devices is fairly pleasant, thanks to Apple’s iBooks app, the company has yet to release any such program for the Mac. To fill this void, Tidbits Publishing and Stairways Software have collaborated to create Bookle, a DRM-free ePub reader.

**** Apple Compensates Victim Of ‘Stolen iPhone’ iMessage Bug ****
Matthew Panzarino, The Next Web

> Having to have Apple intervene to stop the messages being sent isn’t always an option and, frankly, shouldn’t have to be. Apple shouldn’t be held responsible for compensating users for stolen devices, but it should be held responsible for providing clear documentation about how iMessage issues like this can be resolved, without some mysterious procedure only Apple can perform.

**** Digital Exams On The iPad ****
Fraser Speirs

**** The iPad At Work, Day 1: Getting It All Set Up ****
Dan Moren, Macworld

> For 20 years, I’ve been using a Mac; for the last five, I’ve used one almost daily to write. So that first morning, when I shambled into my home office and sat down at the desk, it struck me just how different working with an iPad would be.

Dan Moren is trying to go Mac-less for 3 whole days.

The Tomorrow Weblog
**** Wolfram Alpha Pro Democratizes Data Analysis: An In-depth Look At The $4.99 A Month Service ****
Dieter Bohn, The Verge

MyAppleMenu Reader
**** Movement ****
Wyn Cooper, Slate

**** The Hidden Messages In Menus ****
Oliver Thring, The Guardian

> Menu design is a complex and opaque business.

**** When Comfort Food Meets Gastronomic Perfection ****
Robert Colvile, The Telegraph

> If you’re unfamiliar with the great burger boom, you may think you know what I’m talking about: chains such as Byron or Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which freed us from the limp grey patties of McDonald’s or Burger King. But the real action is away from the high street, in places that reinvent the burger as an intoxicatingly tender and mind-blowingly juicy trip to gastronomic nirvana.

**** Living Conditions Can Be Affected By Subletting ****
Sabrina Tan, Today

> I believe that HDB should revert to its previous policy that taxpayer-subsidised flats should be owner-occupied and not be used to generate income.

**** Singapore Considers “No-Censorship Zones” ****
Shibani Mahtani, Wall Street Journal

> What’s the best way to encourage the fledgling arts scene in Singapore and help the city-state’s quest to become Southeast Asia’s answer to Broadway or the West End – besides, of course, spending hundreds of millions of dollars of state money on the arts? Here’s one idea, according to a new government task force: End censorship, though only in “designated areas.”

> Though Singapore’s laws and regulations have evolved, artists say the government still practices more “invisible” forms of censorship, like limiting funding to certain companies that offend some sensibilities.

**** Arrested But Not Really..... ****

> So, why the hell did it take such a long time to release information? People can accept that it might not be appropriate to release information during an investigation. However, most logical people cannot accept the fact that an arrest, particularly of two very senior officials would be kept from the public for over a month.

**** Singapore Fines Casinos For Admission Breaches ****
Sam Holmes, Wall Street Journal

> While the regulatory action is unlikely to have any material impact on the financial performance of Singapore's two lucrative casino resorts, it comes as the latest rap from a government anxious to limit the social impact of the nascent gambling scene on the island's five million inhabitants.

**** Singapore Visitors Rise To Record 13 Million ****
Associated Press

> Tourism industry revenue jumped 17 percent to a record 22.2 billion Singapore dollars ($17.8 billion), the board said. Revenue from sightseeing and entertainment, which includes gambling, soared 37 percent to SG$5.5 billion.

**** Chinatown Living ****
Huishan Aprilene Goh, Poskod.sg

> It may not look anything like your prototypical satellite town, but it is home to some 11,000 people.

**** Why Are Public Sector Appointments Shrouded In Secrecy? ****
Rajiv Chaudhry, The Online Citizen

> As Singapore moves forward, it is imperative that a Code of Practice should be properly laid down and strictly upheld in public sector appointments, so that citizens can be assured that democratic principles of openness, fairness and transparency are maintained.

**** Lee’s Vision May Be Different From What Singaporeans Want ****
Ghui, The Online Citizen

> The current xenophobia is but a manifestation of a deeper issue. The bigger picture is our collective vision for Singapore. Mr Lee has his vision and his vision is one for continued economic growth. Singaporeans must think for themselves what they really want and vote for the government they feel will best fulfil their vision of Singapore.

> It is our country and our future that is at stake. Mr Lee’s vision may not be wrong but it may be different from what Singaporeans really want and that is the issue that must be examined.

**** Which Foreign-worker Policy Are You Talking About? ****
Singaore Democratic Party

> Why was the policy jettisoned so abruptly? Was the Finance Minister overruled by the Prime Minister? Why did the Ministers for Manpower say one thing and then do another? Why was there no announcement when the policy was reversed (compared to the publicity that was made when Minister Tharman came up with his ESC announcement)?

> The answer lies in the dates. Clue: Messrs Tharman's and Gan's announcements were made in February 2010 and March 2011. The PM's reversal was made in November 2011. Anyone?

**** What Budget Debate? ****
Political Writings

> The purpose of a Budget debate should be to ask, why is the Govt proposing to spend these amounts? How can we justify this spending?

**** 社会主义重返新加坡 ****

> 最近杜进才博士逝世,社会主义字眼再度出现,而且新传媒的报道是直接性的使用,反观报业控股就比较含蓄。

> 世界上没有一个纯资本主义的国家,也没有纯社会主义的国家,只不过政策比较倾向某一方,看样子社会主义政策会在新加坡重新抬头。

**** The Trouble With Affluent Kids ****
Martha Nichols, Athena's Head

> Of course I'm a guilty American mom, susceptible to stern advice. I'm tempted, so very tempted, to buy into this bootstrapping rhetoric. But I also think children become who they are regardless. And for my son, being an adoptee likely fuels his native caution. "Risk averse" takes on new meaning when it's framed without the baggage of business ideology. He's always thinking and processing what he sees, creating the world for himself.

> That's why I'm caught between indulgence of his fierce little spirit and tough love. I want him to understand the value of money. I want him to be ambitious and disciplined. Yet, I can't imagine flinging a well-loved child into the cruel world as a learning experience.

**** Unleash Singapore Air On The Pacific ****
Tony Webber, Sydney Morning Herald

> Singapore Airlines should be given a chance to fly on the Pacific route.

> Not because Singapore Airlines deserves something back in return for allowing Qantas to start up a premium airline in Singapore, but because a public benefit test says so.

**** CBD May Lose Another Big Carpark With Over 1,000 Parking Spaces ****
Cheryl Lim and Lo Yee, Straits Times

> The shortage of parking spaces in the city could get even worse with Capitaland considering redeveloping the Golden Shoe Carpark now that its revamp of the former Market Street Carpark is under way.

**** Peking Duck Road To Sure Death ****
Chua Chin Leng, My Singapore News

**** Nothing "Wrong" With Woodlands Residents ****
Hermione Poh, Publichouse.sg

> So many void decks in Woodlands are being used for clinics, childcare centres, minimarts, etc etc.. and they are also used for weddings and funerals. Some blocks have ground floor units too. And Woodlands has so many patches of empty land, what's stopping MOH from using some of that for a bigger and better equipped facility?

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