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*** Cisco Spells Out What's In The 'iPhone' Name
Rhys Blakely, The Times

Cisco is understood to have demanded access to Apple's closed media distribution service, the online iTunes store, in return for sharing the "iPhone" brand name at the centre of a trademark dispute between the two groups.

*** Comwave Takes iPhone In Canada
VoIP News

Apple and Cisco might be fighting the iPhone war in the US, but the folks at Comwave Telecom have the trademark all wrapped up in Canada.

*** Cisco Could Lose iPhone Trademark In Europe - Expert
Jonny Evans, Macworld UK


*** A Plea For The Fat-Fingered
Jason Santa Maria

I wonder how I might fare given the "keys" are rleatively small in comparison to my fingers.

*** It's The Product, Stupid
Michael S. Hyatt, From Where I Sit

Apple has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that "It's the product, Stupid." Let's take a lesson from their play book.

*** iPhone Delivers A Genuinely Disruptive UI
Francis Djabri, VisionMobile

The ripple effect caused by the iPod's success on raising the profile of user experience in the industry has been truly significant. Hopefully, the iPhone's announcement will also bring about a change in attitude that will allow UI designers to unleash their creativity.

*** Back From Macworld
RAGE Software Blog

I think the Macworld Expo was a great success and a great resource for Mac enthusiasts.

*** Jobs Is Gravity
Patrick Logan, Making It Stick

Apple is a unique company. There are several reasons for that, and they all revolve around Steve Jobs in various orbits.

*** Will The iPhone Support Exchange Direct Push?
Ben Drawbaugh, Engadget

*** Bill Gates And Steve Jobs: Keynote Text Analysis
Todd Bishop, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

*** Four Stories On Why iPhone Third-Party Apps Matter, From A Long-Time Treo User
Marc Hedlund, O'Reilly Radar

It would be smarter for Apple to figure out how they can make others (and not just Cingular) successful on top of what they build, rather than trying to own and control everything. For me that strategy is a deal-breaker, and I think it should be for you, too.

*** True Cost Of The iPhone - CenterNetworks Does The Math!
Allen Stern, CenterNetworks

For a year of usage on this device, the total comes to $1,936.

*** iPhone, My New Book Shelf?

You have the perfect portable book reader.

*** Does Apple's iPhone Support Flash?
Mike Downey, Adobe

You have to ask Apple.

*** Should iPhone Open Wide And Say Ahhh?
Peer Pressure

Closeness is practically a precondition for simplicity.

*** Enough Already With The iPhone Hand Wringing!
Ethan Kaplan, Blackrimglasses.com


*** inkBook 1.3.1
Jeff Gamet, Mac Observer

*** Organize Your Media With Delicious Library
Ryan's Life


*** Why Would Anyone Want An Apple TV?
Heng-Cheong Leong

I really have no idea why anyone want to buy an Apple TV. A Mac Mini is just a little more expensive, but does so much more.

The Tomorrow Weblog
Emerging Technologies. Innovative Applications. New Economy


*** 24-Hour Newspaper People
David Carr, New York Times


*** The Online Future's Massive, Says Disney

Walt Disney sees launching more online 'massively multiplayer' games as part of a strategy to entertain kids wherever they go.

MyAppleMenu Reader
The other things in life


*** Doodles A La Carte
Caroline H. Dworin, New York Times

At the aptly named Pergola des Artistes, New Yorker cartoonists dined and dished on Tuesday at their weekly lunch. Every topic is on the table, including the pronounciation of the name of the 46th Street restaurant.

*** A Silver Of A Storefront, A Faith On The Rise
David Gonzalez, New York Times

Storefront churches have become part of the streetscape in New York and around the globe in recent decades. Tiny and makeshift, they sprout up almost overnight, wedged in among the bodegas and takeout counters.

Life in the city


*** Singapore PM: Temasek Should Be Accountable For Shin Deal

"It's a commercial proposition. If it doesn't work out, that's Temasek's fault and it has to answer for it. It's their job to safeguard the resources and invest them optimally."

*** Thai Foreign Ministry Not Worried About Thaksin's Trip To Singapore
D. Arul Rajoo, Bernama


*** PM Lee: Temasek Has To Be Held Accountable. Is That All?

*** In Times Of Tragedy, Xenophobia Rears Its Ugly Head
Harry Bhaskara, Jarkarta Post

Indonesia seems to be saying, we will take your money and aid, now get out. If we are unable to overcome our xenophobia, the international community will be forgiven for preceiving us as an ungrateful nation.

*** Singapore - Classic Innovator's Dilemma?
Ming Yeow, Thriving In Ambiguity

More than any country, we cannot be in denial about the deep cultural change and paradign shift that needs to happen in Singapore Inc.

*** Rhetorical Journalism, Rhetorical Blogging (I)

And Molly has lived in Singapore as a citizen all her life. Tom hasn't. This is the difference, if Tom's logic is anything to go by.

*** 'This Column On Singapore, Are You Sure You Want It To Run?'
Tom Plate, Straits Times

In this excerpt from his new book, Confessions of an American Media Man, veteran journalist Tom Plate writes about his first visit to Singapore in the 1990s, and his interview with then Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew at the Istana.

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