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*** Invasion Of THe Podcast People
Chris Coomey, Chicago Tribune

As the portable broadcasts swell in popularity, producers find themselves with armies of loyal fans.

*** Apple Computer May Set Up Tech Support Centre In Karnataka
Hindustan Times

Apple is planning to set up a technical support centre in Kamataka on the lilnes of the one which Dell has in India.

*** OS X On Intel Site Returns
Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

*** No Refund For You!
Dan Warne, APC Magazine

*** Amazon Stays Mum On iTunes Challenge Rumour
The Age

*** Harvard Medical Students Learn With Their iPods
e-Hearth Insider

Harvard Medical School have started offering podcasts of their lectures to their studnets, allowing them to learn while on the move.

*** Influence Puts Jobs At The Top Of Heap
Bob Keefe, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

He is the indisputable leader of the digital music revolution, the visionary and financier behind some of the biggest movies in recent history and, soon, the largest shareholder of Walt Disney Co. But Steve Jobs may have another moniker: king of new entertainment.


*** Sound Off
Charles P. Pierce, Boston Globe

Hearing loss from those tiny earphones? Not my problem, as I can't even get the darn things to stay in my ears.

*** No, Your Applications Directory Is Vulnerable In Mac OS X

Programs run by users with Admin accounts can modify application files without additional passwords.

*** Reports Of Our Death Have Been Gratly Exaggerated...
OSx86 Project

*** Digital Rights Management: Sony V Apple
Jeff Carr, DoRealTime


*** Yet Another Thing I Hate About Microsoft
Heng-Cheong Leong

I think I can almost safely say that every other implementation of a rectangle class will have a constructor or a set method that has arguments as either (left, top, right, bottom) or (left, top, width, height)...

So, why oh why must Microsoft defines its InkRectangle's SetRectangle method as (top, left, bottom, right)?

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*** Reference Tool On Web Finds Fans, Censors
Philip P. Pan, Washington Post

*** Censorship Inc.
Rebecca MacKinnon and John Ralfrey, Newsweek

If we're not careful, we may wake up one day to discover that what a person can see and do on the web will be radically different depending on which country he or she lives in. And U.S. tech firms won't have much of value left to sell if the internet ceases to be the wonderful, world-connecting thing it is today.

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*** War Of The Words
Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

The conflict between the world's biggest censor and an array of journalists, bloggers and dissidents has just taken a remarkable turn.


*** The Lady Vanishes -- Yet Again
Marjorie Rosen, Los Angeles Times

Buzz-worthy female roles are suddenly in short supply. Chalk it up to a cultural shift, or maybe an unfair fight.

*** Who You Callin' Ungrammatical?
Jan Freeman, Boston Globe

Whom is disappearing from the English language, usage writers have been saying for more than a century -- but it isn't gone yet.

*** Prize Pupil
Tara Bahrampour, Washington Post

Wanda Hill has helped hundreds of minority students get into expensive boarding schools. Now all she wants is to see one of her last proteges -- a boy who was abused and denied an education -- graduate.

*** The Story Of O's
Rob Walker, New York Times

It's not what marketers can imagine their product doing, but what consumers apparently believe.

*** Time For The Last Post
Trevor Butterworth, Financial Times

As with any revolution, we must ask whether we are being sold a naked emperor. Is blogging really an information revolution?

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*** Australia: No Decision On Singapore Air
Associated Press

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said Monday his government had not yet decided whether Singapore Airlines should be allowed to fly the lucrative route between Sydney and Los Angeles.

*** Temasek A Formidable Global Player Despite PSA Loss To Dubai

State-linked Singapore investment firm Temasek Holdings remains a formidable global player despite wholly-owned unit PSA International's failure to secure Britain's biggest port operator, analysts say.

*** Number Of Voters Over The Limit In Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC
Sue-Ann Chia, Straits Times

The constituency is the fastest-growing since the 2001 General Election.

*** Wanted: Lawyers For The People
Vinita Ramani, Today

Professionals urged to provide much needed family and criminal law services.

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*** Fortune Teller
The Debonaires

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