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*** Jobs: Podcasting Via iTunes
Scott Rosenberg, Salon

Jobs promised that the iTunes podcasting platform would be open to all comers; there'd be a simple automated system to get your content included, he said. But it wasn't clear from his demo -- which featured material from professional outlets like public radio stations -- just how grassroots-y the Apple model is going to be.

*** Apple's iTunes To Carry Podcasts
Dan Gillmor, Bayosphere

When Steve Jobs announced that the next version of iTunes will support downloads of podcasts, he contributed to a major change in media. Podcasting, a disruptive technology, is about to get more so.


*** Adding Music Players To Cellphones Won't Be iPod Killer Some Think
Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry, Wall Street Journal

While the mechanics of transferring songs from a computer running Apple's iTunes to an iPod are straightforward, questions abound about how it would work with a cellphone. Consumers will likely be skeptical, given their generally low opinion of cellphone service.

*** Gates Rightly Questions iPod's Future
Dan Gillmor, Bayosphere

I own an iPod, but I haven't taken it anywhere in ages.


*** Do More, Talk Less
Heng-Cheong Leong

Just about nine years ago, Apple was busy showing the world how Copland would change the world. Then it all came tumbling down.

Just about one year ago, Bill Gates was still busy showing how Longhorn would leapfrog <http://blogs.salon.com/0000014/2005/05/22.html#a878> over all competitors. Then it all came tunbling down.

Maybe Steve Jobs has the right idea. Don't do announcements. Don't promise what you cannot show. Keep secret. In fact, Apple's handling of Tiger is an exception, rather than the norm, at today's Apple.

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*** Can China Build Its Own Silicon Valley?
Michael Rogers, MSNBC

China is putting the finishing touches on its own Silicon Valley -- and this time, they may have found the recipe.

*** D3 And All That
Scott Rosenberg, Salon

It's much easier to talk about great technology than to make it work and get it into people's hands.

*** RSS Sets Its Sights On The Enterprise
Matt Hicks, eWeek

The enterprise potential of syndication feeds for internal communications, for coordinating with partners and for reaching customers is beginning to draw interest from IT departments, business managers and vendors.

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*** Inside The Korean Cloning Lab
Alice Park, Time

An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the laboratory that leads the world in the creation of human embryonic stem cells.


*** The Future Of Television
Conan O'Brien, Newsweek

Screens so small they fit inside coffee cups. Marriages arranged by TiVo. Production facilities on Mars.

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*** 14th Street
Laura Cantrell

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