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*** Mac Mini March: Skin This!
Laurei Duncan, Unofficial Apple Weblog

For $20, Skinit.com will sell you a 4-piece vinyl skin that covers the top, sides, and front of the Mac mini -- offering basic protection from scratches and dings to the pearly white finish, and making it look... um... cool?

*** 'Podcasting' Sweeps Internet
Brian Purchia, Voice Of America

*** Bloggers, Meet The Pod People
Leslie Walker, Washington Post

Although the technology is less than a year old, thousands of people are podcasting nationwide.

*** For Children, It's A Media Frenzy
Bill Marvel and Michael Granberry, Dallas Morning News

Parents may call it input overload, but kids say multitasking is second nature.

*** Controversial Mac Emulator Released
Ian Betteridge, eWeek

Tests conducted on CherryOS show that the product boots up identically to PearPC, includes one of the same graphics drivers, and has very similar configuration files to the open-source project.

*** The Mac Mini Colorized

ColorWare plans on adding the Mac mini to its colorful line of products.

*** Huge iPod Shuffle Ad In Australia

The advertisement is on the Nike store in Melbourne and is approximately six stories tall.

*** 'iPod On Wheels' Next 'Big Thing' For Automotive Aftermarket

*** Macworld Expo San Francisco Attendance Up


*** Wishful Thinking
Dan Frakes, Playlist

There's always going to be music people want to own, not rent; but people also enjoy trying out new music on the cheap, and a subscription service lets them do that. You'll do better co-existing with the iTunes Music Store than you will fighting against it -- there's room for both types of services if consumers understand the differences and are able to use both at the same time.

*** Journalism And Revealing Sources
Dori Smith, Backup Brain

Pentagon papers? In the public interest. Information about unreleased Apple products? Not a chance.

*** Apple v ThinkSecret: Confidentiality Of Sources Must Be Respected
Reporters Without Borders

*** A Boy Named Sue
Damien Barrett, MrBarrett.com

ThinkSecret published priveleged information which might fiscally harm Apple. They broke the law, and this is why there are ensuing lawsuits.

*** The Apple Trade Secret Cases: A Classic Container Problem
Outsell Now

The "traditional" media, the judiciary, and the legislative branch engage in endless hand-wringing and fruitless debates about the container: Is it news? Is it journalism? Do the same rules apply?

*** Chuq, At Apple, Gives His Point Of View Of Apple Vs. Think Secrets
Robert Scoble, Scobleizer

The thing he doesn't get is that the press is supposed to be adversarial. They are supposed to try to get a story that you don't want them to have.

*** Even More On ThinkSecret And Apple
chuqui, Teal Sunglasses

A basic underlayment of protecting sources is that the journalist gives his word that he will. His ethics include keeping his words. But the basic premise of this fight is that people gave their word and then broke it -- showing a lack of these same ethics.

*** Only Call A Blog A Blog
Joe Wilcox, Jupiter Research

Just because the lawsuit claims ThinkSecret is a blog or some other news sites do the same, doesn't make the site so.

*** The Apple Bloggers 3: Heirs To Revolutionary Pamphleteers
Eric Chabrow, InformationWeek

The Apple Bloggers 3 practiced journalism, and they should be granted the same liberties of mainstream journalists. It's just a matter of common sense.


*** Turn Your Mac Into An Audio Transcriber
David Battino, O'Reilly Network

*** Mac Mini A Tasty Package
Stephen Fenech, Courier-Mail

The Mac mini isn't the most powerful or fastest computer in the world, but is a great entry level unit for people who are tired of the Windows world and want to dip their toe in the Apple pool.


*** Microsoft Takes Media Center To More Countries
Ina Fried, CNET News.com

Microsoft plans to offer the entertainment-oriented operating system in 19 additional countries, as well as Hong Kong.

The Tomorrow Weblog
Emerging Technologies. Innovative Applications. New Economy


*** Think Of A Number... Come On, Think!
Rachel Metz, New York Times

Hey, cellphone user, when was the last time you memorized a phone number?

*** Senators Reassure Bloggers
Marguerite Reardon, CNET News.com

Senators John McCain and Russ Feingold reassured the Internet community that bloggers will not be regulated by federal campaign finance laws.

*** Skype CEO Takes On Telcos At CeBIT
Eric Lundquist, eWeek

"Free is good. Free service is very, very good. We think you cannot charge for phone calls."

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*** Who Is A Journalist?
Jacob Weisberg, Slate

There's a big problem with journalist shield laws. How do you decide who is a journalist?


*** A First Draft Of History?
Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal

Call the rewrite man!

*** Stirring Commentary: A Food Blog For Every Taste
Renee Schettler, Washington Post

Internet-savvy food enthusiasts sought something more quirky or writerly or lavish or esoteric or weeknight-friendly or fill-in-the-blank. Enter the food blog.

*** Africa Makes Fine Films. Of Course, Projector May Fail.
Lydia Polgreen, New York Times

For African cinema, these are the best of times and the worst of times.

*** New York Menus: Read 'Em And Weep
Frank Bruni, New York Times

The five scariest words that a New York diner can hear have nothing to do with failed health inspections, bungled reservations or eccentric concoctions. The five scariest words are: "Let me explain the menu."

*** Do You Have An Office Wife?
Tom Prince, GQ

She knows you better than anyone. She'll listen to your problems, laugh knowingly at your jokes, and most important, mock coworkers with you.

Life in the city

[Top Stories]

*** Harmful Waste Too Close At Home
Fadli, Jakarta Post

Environmentalists doubt the waste will actually leave the country and believe the minister is being duped by those responsible for the dumping.


*** Singapore Govt AIDS Comment Outrages Gay Activists
Kerala Next

Gay activists accused the government of promoting homophobia and being irresponsible.

*** Government Will Not Legalise Baby Drops
Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia

The Community Development and Sports Ministry said legalising such drops would lead to more problems, and would send the signal that it is alright for parents to abandon babies.

*** Is Law Unfair To Domestic Help?
Clement Mesenas, Today

*** Singapore: Gay Party Blamed For HIV Surge
PlanetOut Network

A senior health official in Singapore told lawmakers this week that a popular gay party may be responsible for the increase in HIV infections in the country's gay population.


*** On 'Bahasa'
Mohammed Arif, Christopher Bell, Jakarta Post

*** Singapore National Education Part 106
mr brown


*** Zoo Celebrates Birth Of Flying Squirrel
Associated Press

Singapore's zoo is celebrating the birth of a red giant flying squirrel, believed to be the first born in captivity in Asia. Last year, the baby's mother and other members of the mysterious species were saved from being eaten in restaurant in China.

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*** The Galaxy Song
Monty Python

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