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Saturday, Jul 12, 2003

MyAppleMenu : Top Stories
Electronic Mayhem (Hal Bergman)
I am sitting outside of the Santa Monica Third Street Promendade Apple store, which will open 22 hours and 3 minutes from this juncture in time...

MyAppleMenu : News
Apple Computer Initiated With "Hold" (Prudential Securities)

Happy Campers At The Store (Caroline E. Mayer, Washington Post)
Retailers find summer kids programs pay off.

Ocean Futures: Editing "Sharks: At Risk" (Barbara Gibson, Apple)
"Now I do almost all of my editing in Final Cut Pro."

AJ Schnack: Documenting They Might Be Giants (Bija Gutoff, Apple)
Apple technology has supported TMBG and Schnack every step of the way.

Tim Hale: Fossil's "Tin Man" (Nancy Eaton, Apple)
"When Mac OS X came out, we saw that it would give us a lot of stability and control."

Nisus Writer Express 1.0 Available For Download (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)

Safari Users Experience Difficulty With ESPN (MacNN)

Apple Attempts To Patent Fast User Switching (Tony Smith, The Register)
Like its use of QuickTime patents to win a $150 million investment from Microsoft demonstrated some years back, it may now have the opportunity to do so if it ever hears the words 'cancelled' and 'Microsoft Office' in the same sentence.

MyAppleMenu : Opinions
Apple propaganda Foolishly Accepted (Jared Strong, Iowa State Daily)
Naturally, my opinion comes from experience. If you are looking for a technical article, go elsewhere or online.

MyAppleMenu : Reviews
FreeHand MX (Dean Browell, Applelust.com)
Freehand MX improves in every way I could have hoped, and several I didn't even consider.

MyAppleMenu : Wintel News
Researcher: Windows Flaw Remains (Robert Lemos, CNET News.com)
Microsoft fixed the original flaw found but left the basic messaging system untouched. Applications that run with system privileges but don't follow Microsoft's recommended security practices allow the vulnerability to be exploited.

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MyAppleMenu Tomorrow : Top Stories
Walk-By Hacking (Erik Sherman, New York Times)
With a hand-held computer and a $40 wireless card, anyone can pull up user names, passwords and lots of other confidential information.

MyAppleMenu Tomorrow : News & Opinions
Open Source Targets Microsoft Exchange (Matt Hines, CNET News.com)
A new open-source effort dubbed OpenGroupware.org has been launched with the explicit intent to create applications that compete with Microsoft Exchange server products.

MyAppleMenu Reader : World
Parental Guidance Required (Donald J. Michugh Jr., New York Times)
No governmental programs or police intervention can substitute for loving parental supervision.

MyAppleMenu Reader : Life
Atlantic Turns To The Pacific (Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times)
Los Angeles' bright galaxy of stars is about to increase by three.

2 Fast 4 Safety? (Walter Kirn, New York Times)
Our speed limits don't necessarily make us all safer, just more regulated.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : News & Opinions
Malaysia And Singapore 'Share Common Destiny' (The Star)
Malaysia and Singapore have an inextricable relationshiop and unavoidably share a common destiny, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

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