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Thursday, Jan 16, 2003

MyAppleMenu : Top Stories
Apple's Looks, Functions Convert This PC Devotee (Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press)
For years on radio and in my NBC News Channel reports, I've been known as PC Mike. So I'll explain that PC really stands for Personal Computer. For indeed, my new love for my Mac is very personal.

Apple Earnings Match Expectations (Ian Fried, CNET News.com)
Apple Computer on Wednesday posted fiscal first-quarter earnings that matched Wall Street estimates, with the Mac maker forecasting that sales and earnings would remain flat for the current quarter.

MyAppleMenu : News
Warburg Reiterates "Buy" Rating For AAPL (MacNN)

Apple To Open Highland Park Retail Store On January 25 (MacMinute)

Apple Rises After Q1 Report (Rex Crum, CBS MarketWatch)
Apple Computer shares continued to gain ground Thursday after the personal-computer maker reported a first-quarter net loss of $8 million, while forecasting a slight profit for its current quarter.

Apple Downgraded By Needham & Co. (MacMinute)

symantec Reports 29 Percent Q3 Revenue Growth (Paul Roberts, IDG News Service)
Increasing demand among enterprises for the full range of Symantec's security products and services was responsible for the strong performance, according to Symantec, based in Cupertino, California.

Pumping It Up To 11: Music Is Rocking The Slopes (John Clarke Jr., New York Times)
"Music is essential to snowboarding and freestyle skinng."

Francais Made Fun (Lorri Helfand, St. Petersburg Times)
Modern technology makes a traditional subject interesting -- and more easily learned -- for kids at Tarpon Springs Middle.

iCommune Threatened By Apple (MacMegasite)
The author of iCommune, a music sharing plugin for iTunes, has received a "Notice of Breach and Termination of License" letter from Apple, stating that he violated the license to the Device Plug-in API which iCommune uses.

Connectix Updates Virtual PC To 6.0.1 (Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral)
The update addresses several issues bringing the most current version to 6.0.1.

Apple CFO Talks About Financials; The Road Ahead (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)
iMac, iBook and PowerBook sales were solid, but that the Power Mac pro lineup remained the weak point in the company's lineup.

Interest Pinch Could Bruise Apple (Ian Fried, CNET News.com)
Apple Computer's checkbook may be earning lower interest, which could put a squeeze on the company's income.

Photography Class Changes Image (Sara Dunn, The Argus Online)
Photography class at Newark Memorial High School has moved into the 21st century.

Sony To Release Mac Fingerprint ID Solution (Dennis Sellers, MacCentral)
The FIU600 unit will offer fingerprint identification for, among other things, logging into Mac OS X.

MyAppleMenu : Opinions
The DigiCam Chronicles: Assignment Macworld (Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network)
This is the first in an ongoing series of photo essays demonstrating how to get the most out of your digital camera.

Apple Loses Money! Quick, Sell Your Stock! (John Manzione, MacNET 2.0)

Apple Surprises All (Marc Zeedar, MacOPINION)

Apple's Financial: When Is A Loss Really A Profit? (Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl)
We can probably expect a steady stream of cool stuff from Apple over the coming year; enough, no doubt, to keep the Mac rumor mills running overtime.

Poll: Opinions Split On Intel Move (Jonny Evans, Macworld UK)
Macworld Online readers are split down the middle when it comes to the question of whether Apple should switch to Intel processors.

Apple's Safari Hunts Explorer Users (David Zeiler, Baltimore Sun)
The firm enters 'the browser wars' with its new software, but does Apple really have something else going on?

Apple: Long On Sizzle, Short On Steak? (Ars Tecnica)
When a core part of your business languishes that badly for that long, there's only one party who's ultimately responsible for the mess: you.

Confessions Of A Mac Collecting Addict (Dustin Rinebold, Low End Mac)
Do any of you have any suggestions of which Macs I should donate and which I should keep?

MyAppleMenu : Reviews
Smallest PowerBook Has Ability To Make Apple Shine (Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal)
I found one notable drawback in the new PowerBook: Like its larger siblings, it gets pretty hot because of its metal skin. All in all, the 12-inch PowerBook is a dandy laptop -- small, relatively inexpensive, yet powerful and beautiful.

Payback (Nat Panek, Inside Mac Games)

MyAppleMenu : Wintel News
Local Optimization, Or, The Trouble With Dell (Joel Spolsky, Joel On Software)
Michael Dell never told his employees to optimize for customer satisfaction or to optimize for delivery time, he told them to optimize for inventory velocity and nothing else, and that is what he got.

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MyAppleMenu Tomorrow : Top Stories
Supreme Court Backs Copyright Extension (Declan McCullagh, ZDNet)
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday said Congress had the power to extend the duration of copyrights, a decision that dealt a grave blow to a growing movement against more expansive legal protections of artistic works.

MyAppleMenu Tomorrow : News & Opinions
Cybersquatting Profits From Online Brands (James Pearce, ZDNet Australia)
Cybersquatters who use popular names to make money out of companies or to drive traffic to their own sites are still a problem in the online world.

Government Steps Up Open Source Pace (Alastair Otter, AllAfrica.com)
The State IT Agency (SITA) is committed to transforming open source software from a niche product into a mainstream tool for delivering government services, SITA CIO Mojalefa Moseki said yesterday.

Creative Comments: On The Use And Abuses Of Markup (Kendall Grant Clark, O'Reilly Network)
The history of technology is full of examples of transitional strategies, which wouldn't die and couldn't be or simply weren't killed, turning into the very problems which the next big solution is designed to solve.

Microsoft's "Wireless Watch": How To Rescue It From Potential Doom (Alan A. Reiter)

Wi-Fi Gaining Strength (Jonathan B. Cox, News Observer)
Wireless broadband may be the future of fast Internet.

802.11g Starts Answering WLAN Range Questions (Jim Zyren, Eddie Enders, and Ted Edmondson, Intersil, CommsDesign.com)
As the IEEE works out the final details, chip makers and equipment developers are starting the initial rollout of 802.11g systems. Now designers can more effectively compare the range of 802.11g and 802.11a systems. Here's a look at some real-life results.

Study: Many Business Apps Don't Make Cents (Alorie Gilbert, ZDNet)
Business applications from major software makers are often difficult for the average office worker to use, costing companies millions of dollars and compromising many corporate software projects, according to a new study.

Power Lines Spark Net Access (Associated Press)
The same power lines that bring electricity to televisions and toasters may become the next pathway into homes for high-speed Internet access, federal officials said Wednesday.

Consumers Say RIAA Still Not Thinking Of Us (Grant Gross, InfoWorld)
The RIAA and the other groups still support the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which makes it illegal for consumers to circumvent copy-protection devices.

Web Spec Searches For Small Busiensses (Alorie Gilbert, ZDNet)
Small businesses could gain a larger online presence through a new Internet specification now under development.

Old Hard Drives Yield Data Bonanza (Sandeep Junnarkar, ZDNet)
Two Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate students have uncovered a treasure trove of personal and corporate information on used disk drives.

More Consumers Hooked On Broadband (Jim Hu, CNET News.com)
Broadband Internet use in U.S. homes surged 59 percent in 2002, fueled by consumer defections from slower dial-up connections, according to a study.

Overture Buys Into Search Analytics (Stefanie Olsen, CNET News.com)
Overture Services has quietly purchased a Web analytics company in an attempt to help advertisers better understand the value of paid search.

Mandrake Linux Files For Bankruptcy (Stephen Shankland, CNET News.com)
MandrakeSoft, the financially strapped creator of the Mandrake version of Linux, said Wednesday it filed for the French equivalent of bankruptcy protection from creditors.

Intel Software Fine-Tunes Linux Code (Stephen Shankland, CNET News.com)
Intel announced on Tuesday new software to help programmers speed up Linux programs running on Intel Xeon and Pentium 4 processors.

Lindows License Offer Targets Schools (Margaret Kane, CNET News.com)
Software maker Lindows has launched a licensing program that will allow educational institutions to install its namesake operating system on an unlimited number of computers for $500 per year.

MyAppleMenu Reader : World
Blue Movie (Thomas Byrne Edsall, The Atlantic)
The "morality gap" is becoming the key variable in American politics.

The United States Of America Has Gone Mad (John Le Carre, The Times)
America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War.

MyAppleMenu Reader : Life
Disco Kings (Alexis Petridis, The Guardian)
Forget the big hairstyles and the bad dress sense -- the Bee Gees made wonderful music.

Why Shakespeare Is For All Time (Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal)
Those problems, he knew, are ineradicably rooted in our nature; and he atomized that nature with a characteristic genius never since equaled: which is why every time we moderns consult his works, we come away with a deeper insight into the heart of our own mystery.

MyAppleMenu Reader : Expressions
Happy Hour (Alison Baker, The Atlantic)
Late in the day we go out to the Home for happy hour. It's a little custom we have when I'm on the Cape now. I buy a nice bottle of Chardonnay, or one of Beaujolais, and round about four o'clock I pack my aged mother into my rented car and we drive to the edge of town, where the handsome, gleaming Home houses the ancient and the crippled.

Liberation Spectrum (Cory Doctorow, Salon)
Wi-Fi radio and Indian sovereignty make for a potent mix -- even without antsy venture capitalists mucking things up.

MyAppleMenu Reader : EOF
Come Again, Monsieur? (Hugo Rifkind, The Times)
France's Education Minister says pupils are "bored as dead rats". Our correspondent seeks other meaningless translations.

Check It Out: If You Borrow A Book In Blue River, You'll Never Have To Worry About A Due Date, A Fine Or Library Card (Bob Keefer, The Register-Guard)

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : Top Stories
U.S., Singapore Clear Free Trade Hurdle (Associated Press)
Under the deal, Singapore can impose capital controls if it deems them necessary, but U.S. investors can file claims to recoup any investments that are trapped in Singapore.

MyAppleMenu SingaporeSurf : News & Opinions
Lean(ing) Times In Singapore (Linus Chua, Bloomberg News)
A 30-story office tower nearing completion in Singapore's riverside business district is suffering from what officials call "differential settlement." In other words, it is tilting.

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