[Retros] RIFACE 2023 - retro solving tournament - call for originals

Thierry LE GLEUHER t.legleuher at hotmail.fr
Sat Apr 15 14:25:27 EDT 2023

Dear retro friends,

This year again, I am responsible to organize the retro solving tournament during the RIFACE 2023 meeting, which will take place in the end of May (26-29).
As usual, I am looking for original retro problems compatible with a solving tournament (proof games, orthodox retro and one fairy retro/proof game).
Your contributions for this contest would be appreciated.
The selected problems for the RIFACE 2023 retro solving tournament will be judged with the usual originals from Phénix 2023.
The non-selected problems for RIFACE retro solving contest might be published normally in Phénix (2023 issues) if you wish it, or being taken back by the authors.

Your contributions are awaited before May 20, 2023 at:
t.legleuher at hotmail.fr

Pay attention to not respond directly to this message but only to my hotmail@ personal address.

Best Regards

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