[Retros] François Labelle’s 62 points (8 plies)

Éric Angelini eric.angelini at skynet.be
Tue Apr 4 13:10:50 EDT 2023

         K = 8, has just e-mailed me François.
This means that White is checkmate,
62 points are on the board,
and there is a unique way to  arrange
the succession of the 8 moves.

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          Thank you for your comment, Noam.
  If I understand well François, these
  — there is a checkmate on the board
  — there are 62 points on the board
  — k plies were played
  … are enough to *force* the said k single
  moves if k is the smallest possible integer.
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  > Le 4 avr. 2023 à 17:54, Elkies, Noam <elkies at math.harvard.edu> a 
écrit :
  > <eric.angelini at skynet.be> writes:
  >> F. Labelle has found a SPG ending in a mate
  >> that leaves 62 points on the chessboard
  >> (with pawn=1 point, Knight=3,
  >> Bishop=3, Rook=5, Queen=9, King=0).
  >> I couldn’t find it :-(
  > I don't understand.  If I calculate right, we start with
  > 39 points on a side, for a total of 78.  So, assuming no promotions,
  > we need to get exactly 16 points captured en route to mate.
  > This looks too easy if we don't impose any additional condition
  > (and require no artistic content); for instance (C+ Popeye, <50 
  > 1 d3 c6 2 Qd2 Qb6 3 Qf4 Qxb2 4 Qxb8 Qxb1 5 Qxa8 Qxc2 6 Qxc8#,
  > or the same with 5 . . . Qxa2.  There must also be many published
  > SPG's ending in mate that happen to have 62 points in the final 
  > NDE
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