[Retros] Champagne Tourney Palmares

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The tourney was in Unto Heinonen's memory.
Eric Pichouron transmitted to me anonymously 21 problems in section A and 9
problems in section B
Here are the names of the awarded composers.
More will follow in the coming days.

1st Prize Igor Vereschagin dedicated to Rustam Ubaidullaev
2nd Prize Joaquim Hambros
3rd Prize Kostas Prentos
4th Prize Pierre Tritten
5th Prize Christoph Fieberg
6th Prize Andrew Buchanan & Aniruth Daga
Special Prize Kostas Prentos
1st HM Jorge J Lois & Roberto Osorio
2nd HM Kevin Begley
3rd HM Ivan Denkovski
4th HM Dirk Borst
5th HM Velmurugan Nallusamy
6th HM Aniruth Daga
Special HM Arnold Beine
(no Commendation)

1st Prize Vlaicu Crisan
2nd Prize Klaus Wenda
3rd Prize Andrew Buchanan & Aniruth Daga "An Unto Widmend (AUW)"
1st HM Bojan Basic
2nd HM Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber
3rd HM Igor Vereschagin & Alexandr Feoktistov
Com Velmurugan Nallusamy

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