[Retros] Fw: Ranking for the retro composing tournament

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 06:35:14 EDT 2022

 Dear retro lovers,

The quick composing tourney with Vogtländer condition was quite successfull! :-DThere were some nice ideas, but also a lot of classical retro content since the Vogtländer condition is not that fairy.
We received 14 entries, alas two of them were cooked.
We kept all 12 remaining entries and the ranking is as follow:

Kostas Prentos, 1er prix
Vogtländer. PJ 16.5, C+

Eric Pichouron, Etienne Dupuis, 2ème prix
Vogtländer. PJ 18, C+

Allan Bell, 3ème prix
PJ 16.5, Vogtländer, C+

Michel Caillaud, 4ème prix
PJ 11.0a) Orthodoxe b) Vogtländer

Joachim Hambros, 5ème prix
Last move by bQ? Vogtländer.

Andrew Buchanan, 1ère Mention Honneur
White to play. Last move? (2 solutions) Vogtländer.

Arnold Beine, 2ème Mention Honneur
Vogtländer. PJ 7.0, C+

Etienne Dupuis, 3ème Mention Honneur
Vogtländer. PJ 11, C+

Pierre Tritten, 4ème Mention Honneur
PJ 8.0, Vogtländer, C+

Eric Pichouron et Etienne Dupuis, 5ème Mention Honneur
Vogtländer. PJ 9.5, C+

François Labelle, 1er Recommandé
PJ 4.0, a) Orthodoxe b) Vogtländer

Viktor Syzonenko, 2ème Recommandé
Vogtländer. PJ 8.5, C+
We don't provide problems yet, please wait a few weeks for hopefully a nice pdf with them all.

Best regards,

Alain Brobecker - http://abrobecker.free.fr/  
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