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Tue Apr 6 16:38:43 EDT 2021

Hello Retro-fans,
I’ve posted (in French) a new (?) variant here
(on my personal blog — with some diagrams),
a month ago:


In short:
« SL Chess » (Straight Line)
A chess unit U leaving its starting square S
in order to occupy the square E determines
automatically a straight line SE which this
piece must not leave in the future.

The White’s pawn that plays e2-e4, for
instance, will never capture in the future,
as it is assigned to the column « e »; it will
only be captured, stay on e4 or advance —
and promote perhaps on e8 (the promoted
piece will determine a new SL after its first
move — if it moves).

If Black, after White’s move e2-e4, replies
with the curious move Kb8-a6, this Knight
will oscillate forever between the squares
b8 and a6.

Diagrams #2 to #8 on my page successively
a Black King in check,
a checkmated Black King,
a capture,
a castling by White,
a forbidden prise en passant by Black,
a legal position (two Kings on adjacent squares)
an illegal position (two Kings on adjacent squares).

I hope this is not old hat on this forum — and
that this variant will inspire a few members,
especially in the Retro genre.
You can read here (in French) almost 90 comments
on SL Chess (in French « Ligne Droite », LD).



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