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Göran Wicklund goran.wicklund at ericsson.com
Thu Sep 24 10:45:00 EDT 2020

Hi Otto,

I am interested both in the puzzles and chess sections.

Best regards,

Göran Wicklund

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Hi There,

A few days ago someone set up a Chess server using the Discord
infrastructure (https://discord.com/). Discord is a platform that allows
anybody to set up private "servers", similar to forums, but different.

There is already a living puzzle community, mainly for logic puzzles like
Nurikabe, Heyawake, and may more.

The chess community is almost empty now. Participation is by invitation only
to prevent spamming and other unkindliness.

If you are interested to join, einther to Chess or to Puzzles, please drop
me a private mail and I'll invite you (using your mail address).

I include two screen shots for examination.

Best Regards,

-- Otto Janko [mailto:otto at janko.at]
-- They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
-- safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. [Benjamin Franklin]
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