[Retros] Champagne without Champagne

CAILLAUD Michel caillaud1957 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 18:03:54 EDT 2020


Reto's problem indeed doubles the idea with 9...Bd2+!!?, but does
not double the Champagne because of the check
(I excluded the check because of section B, as capture in the air of a
checking unit is featured in many Retractors...)

Note that the intention in Eric's problem is that the Pawn promoting to
Prentos doesn't capture, otherwise it could be done in a shorter game with
wPe2 (e6xf7) and it would be a "half Reto".

Theme itself can be done easily : 2,0 first moves in Eric's and 2,5 first
moves in Reto's are thematic...
Choice of the examples underlines that quality will be more important than
quantity in the award...

A precision about the limitation of problems per composer : if a problem
submitted early is eliminated early (=before the closing date) because of
cook, or anticipation, or non thematicity, the composer will be allowed to
replace it. The limitation is for the problems still in competition at
closing time.


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