[Retros] A 16-controlled square

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Fri Sep 18 06:01:40 EDT 2020

e3/e6 are much better squares.

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Aihe: [Retros] A 16-controlled square

Dear Eric Angelini,

After you posted this question on Chess Stack Exchange and posted it there. I wish to share my results to a wider audience, however. I found this game in 25.5 moves on d3. I still think it can go faster!

1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 d6 3. a4 b5 4. b4 a5 5. axb5 c5 6. Na3 c4 7. Nxc4 Ra6 8. bxa5 Rc6 9. b6 Nd7 10. b7 Nc5 11. a6 h5 12. a7 h4 13. a8=N h3 14. bxc8=N Nb7 15. Nc7+ Kd7 16. Nb5 Qc7 17. Ba3 hxg2 18. h4 Rh6 19. h5 Re6 20. h6 Nf6 21. h7 Ne8 22. h8=N gxf1=N 23. Nxf7 Nd2 24. Nf3 Ne4 25. Nh4 Be7 26. Nf5



James Malcom
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