[Retros] PG 4.0 for the game Polyssimo Challenge

Alain BROBECKER abrobecker at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 27 14:27:54 EDT 2020

Dear Retro-fans,

Two years ago my game Polyssimo Challenge was published.
It is a tactical/geometrical game with polyminoes for 2 to 4 players,you can have more infos (videos, strategy guide, solitaire challanges) here: http://abrobecker.free.fr/jeux/index.htm#polyssimochallenge
I write to the retro mailing list because I just created a Proof Game for it,that you can find here:  http://abrobecker.free.fr/jeux/PolyssimoChallenge_ProofGames.pdf... and I thought it might interest some of you?

Also you are welcome to create some more (PG 5.0 or more, different stipulations...),that I would be very happy to add in the .pdf! ;-)
Best regards,
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