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Hi all,

Otto recently posted about the Discord server I set up for chess problems. Just letting you all know that this Discord is for constructed chess problems of all sorts; mate problems, studies, retros, fairy problems, and anything else that I've forgotten about. My current aim is to grow the Discord, and I'll deal with spamming and other unkindliness as it happens. As such, this Discord is open to everybody and can be joined via this link: http://discord.me/chessproblems

The reason I decided to set up this server is that I only know of two forums specifically for discussing chess problems, MatPlus.Net and ChessProblem.Net, and both require an administrator to activate one's account before allowing one to post. This makes it difficult for newcomers to properly participate in the forums (it took me a week of waiting and sending an email to the ChessProblem admin for me to be able to post there, and I'm still unable to post on MatPlus despite emailing the admin there). That's why my server aims to be fully accessible, to encourage newcomers into the problemist community.

At the moment we actually have 20-something users already; there's some discussion every day with people posting either original problems or our favourite problems from other sources. However, most of us aren't that hardcore into problemism(?) and we would really appreciate some higher-level discussion regarding themes, construction techniques, etc.

As for the puzzle server, that one I can confirm is invite-only.

I was originally going to also post a synthetic puzzle I'd just composed myself, but turns out it's cooked. Regardless, how does one normally check if a synthetic puzzle (or other retro) is original?

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