[Retros] solving retros in RIFACE 2020 : call for problems

CAILLAUD Michel caillaud1957 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 15:02:43 EDT 2020


The annual french meeting was to take place in Ecully, near Lyon, from 29th
May to 1st June.
Due to coronavirus situation, these dates couldn't stand, and the
new dates, in the same place, are from 11th July to 14th July (14th July is
National Day in France).
A "classic" solving event, part of the World Solving Cup (on Sunday 12th
July), as well as a retro solving competition will be organized.
Those wishing more details about the event can contact the organizer Jérôme
Auclair (jerome.auclair.face(at)gmail.com).

I am in charge of the retro solvinig competition this year and need some
There must be some easy ones for (almost) everybody to solve and others of
"reasonable" difficulty (not too difficult, considering the limited solving
The PGs should be C+ and the non PGs should allow clear distribution of
Original problems will compete in the retro section of Phénix 2020.
Be careful to send submissions to my e-mail address and not by answering
this mail!

Keep safe!

Best Wishes,
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