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Tue Jul 9 04:25:19 EDT 2019


Dear Retro friends,


Changes to veteran RA records continue. This time it is a negative change:
the known record for longest unique capture-free SPG (43.0 moves) has been
cooked, see P0002554 in Die Schwalbe PDB. The recently cooked version, by
Unto Heinonen, was published almost 30 years ago. The Cook opens the
question of the current length record. The best I could find is P0006623
with 40.5 moves. 


The current version attempts to correct P0000146 by shortening the game by
one half-move. It might be possible to reclaim the record at 41.0 to 42.5
with a further shortening. Hopefully we will learn the composer's suggestion
soon. If he approves, it can be posted on PDB for further verification. 


It is doubtful if any available software can be of much use testing games of
this length, even when manual constraints are added. The lack of test
software that can handle this kind of problem can produce some interesting
drama and a challenge for solvers but for composers the effort of testing
for soundness comes at the expense of creative work, as is shown by the
great effect that capable solving software has had in the field of


Yoav Ben-Zvi


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