[Retros] 1468 last moves

Olli Heimo olli.heimo at luukku.com
Thu Feb 14 02:15:01 EST 2019

Happy Valentine's day. One month ago I mailed here a position with 1462 duplex-retromoves. I wrote that very likely that record will soon been improved. Here are 1468 duplex-retromoves if I counted correctly. http://www.janko.at/Retros/d.php?ff=KB1QQ1Bk/1Q4q1/Q6q/2Q2q2/Q6Q/R7/Q6q/b1qqqq1b. In fen-order from a8 to h1: White 3+37+74+74+32+102+72+120+72+78+42+72=778 and Black 3+102+72+126+78+29+54+69+69+59+29=690. Note that Bg8 must have made a capture and that Pc7xQb8=B is not possible. Olli.

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