[Retros] Three proposed changes to the Codexu

Werner Keym w.keym at gmx.net
Sat Sep 1 06:40:08 EDT 2018

Dear retro friends,

In my opinion changes to the Codex should be discussed by the worldwide retro community with pros and cons extensively. This is not possible before the WCCC meeting 2018 in Ohrid. That is why I ask the subcommittee not to decide on these three suggestions. 

I like to emphasize that this is no judgment of the content of these suggestions. 

Best regards 

Werner Keym


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Dear retro friends,


I am suggesting three simple changes to the Codex, for the upcoming WCCC meeting in Macedonia. There are many more changes that one could propose, but I these ones are hopefully not controversial. My motivation is to remove potential barriers to entry for newcomers. Please see the attached document, which details the suggested changes. Hopefully you will feel as I do, that these simple changes have been a long time coming.


I am grateful for any comments positive or negative, and will try to adapt the document accordingly.


Thanks for your time,

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Buchanan

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