[Retros] solving retros in Ecully (RIFACE 2018) : solutions and results

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Thu Jun 7 16:00:43 EDT 2018


More details should be available (hopefully soon) on Phénix website.

   1. Michel Caillaud

   a) 1.Th5! b ) 1.Ta5!

   2. Yoav Ben-Zvi

-1…Th5-h7 -2.d4×Cç5 Fh7-g8 -3.é3×Cd4 Té8-h8 -4.f2×Fé3 Fh6-é3 -5.h3-h4
Ff8-h6 -6.h2-h3 g7×Ff6

   3. Michel Caillaud

(-1.Th6-h1? [-2.Ta6 & 1.Tb8‡] Fç6-g2! (a.s.o.)

-1.Th6×Th1? Fg2-f1+! & 1.Fh3‡ (a.s.o.)

-1.Td1-h1? [-2.0-0-0 & 1.Tb8‡] Ff1×Pg2! and -2.0-0-0? is illegal)

-1.Td1×Fh1! ~ (Ff1×Pg2? illegal) -2.0-0-0 & 1.Tb8‡

   4. François Labelle

   1.é4 f6 2.Fb5 Rf7 3.F×d7 F×d7 4.Ré2 Fg4+ 5.Ré3 Ré6 6.é5 D×d2+ 7.Ré4 f5‡

   1.é4 d5 2.Ré2 Fg4+ 3.Ré3 Rd7 4.Fç4 Ré6 5.F×d5+ D×d5 6.é5 D×d2+ 7.Ré4 f5+

   5. François Perruchaud

1.é4 b5 2.F×b5 a6 3.F×a6 F×a6 4.Cé2 Dç8 5.0-0 Db7 6.Té1 D×é4 7.Rf1 Fç8 8.Cg1
D×é1+ 9.R×é1

   6. François Perruchaud

1.b3 Cf6 2.b4 Cé4 3.b5 C×d2 4.b6 C×f1 5.Dd5 Cg3 6.D×b7 C×h1 7.Dé4 Cg3 8.b7
C×é4 9.b×a8=D Cf6 10.Dd5 Cg8 11.Dd1

   7. Andrew Buchanan

1.b4 é5 2.b5 Ré7 3.b6 Rd6 4.b×a7 Rç5 5.a×b8=C Rb4 6.C×d7 ç5 7.C×ç5 Dd4
8.Ca4 Db2 9.Cbç3 Ra3 10.C×b2 Fb4 11.Cb1‡

   8. Jorge J. Lois & Roberto Osorio

1.Cf3 b5 2.Cé5 b4 3.C×d7 F×d7 4.f4 Fa4 5.f5 Rd7 6.f6 Rç6 7.f×é7 Rb5 8.é8=T
Fç5 9.Té6 Fd4 10.Tg6 h×g6 11.Tg1 Th3 12.Th1 Tb3 13.h4 ç5 14.Th3 Cç6 15.Té3
Tç8 16.Té8 Cçé7 17.Tf8 Tç6 18.Té8

   9. Michel Caillaud & Nicolas Dupont

1.g4 Ca6 2.Fg2 Cç5 3.Fç6 d×ç6 4.g5 Ff5 5.g6 é6 6.g×h7 Dg5 7.h×g8=F Td8 8.Fh7
Td5 9.Fg6 Fd6 10.Fh5 Fh7 11.Ff3 f5 12.Fé4 Rf7 13.Fd3 Cé4 14.Fç4 Ta5 15.Fa6
b5 16.Fç8 Rg6 17.Fd7 Rh5 18.Fé8+ g6 19.Ff7 Fé5 20.Fg8

   10. Bernd Gräfrath

1.d3 é6 2.Dd2 Ré7 3.h4 ç5 4.Th2 Dç7 5.Dg5+ Rd6 6.f4 Dç6 7.Dé5+ Ré7

8.Dg5+ Ré8 9.Dé5

Each correct solution was awarded 10 points.

0,5 could be losed for writing + instead of # in solutions to 4 and 7

Some partial points for spotting part of the content (for example, 3 points
for those indicating try 1.Td1-h1 in 3 instead of 0 point for those
spotting nothing).

Results :

1. Pascal Wassong 99,5 (2h0')

2. Marken Foo 92 (2h10')

3. Thierry Le Gleuher 80 (2h30')

12 participants

Clear Champion is once again Pascal Wassong (spotting François (Labelle)'s
mate but losing half-point on Andrew's mate!)

Great sensation is stunning result at first participation by young Marken
Foo from Singapoor (completing his studies in France), missing only
solution (instead of try) in 3. and the 2 mates in 4 and 7.

Most difficult problem proved to be 5 by François (Perruchaud) solved only
by the 2 top solvers.
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