[Retros] Jakobi-Chess960-excellent!

per olin per.olin at luukku.com
Thu Feb 1 05:29:58 EST 2018

Dear retro friends,

In connection with my Chess960 proof game P1268232 in PDB was mentioned a test with Jakobi.  The nine first moves of the 11 moves solution has been tested in around one hour.  The nine move solution had four captures (the theme was hxg and gxh), which probably increased the solving time considerably.

Some other tests:  a Chess960 proof game 13.0 moves, no captures, all 16 officers moving,  was successfully tested in 10 minutes.  A longer version of the same problem with 14.5 moves remained unsolved after testing some 30 hours. This  indicates, in this particular case, where the solving time starts to grow really exponentially.  Nice feature that one can see what initial position Jakobi is currently exploring.

Jakobi seems to be an excellent help for Chess960 composers; for this were are very grateful. Thank you ever so much, François!

Best wishes
Per Olin

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