[Retros] Hit team response

Nicolas Dupont Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr
Fri Sep 1 12:02:11 EDT 2017

Hi Andy,

>> 1. Pd2-d4  Pc7-c5    2. Fc1-h6  Pc5xd4    3. Dd1xd4  Dd8-c7
>> 4. Dd4xa7  Dc7xh2    5. Da7-e3  Dh2xh6    6. De3-c1  Dh6xc1#

> No this is definitely not a pure mate, because f1 is both occupied    
>  by wB and attacked by bQ.

This is not true, at least if we follow Problemesis glossary

"Une pièce est menacée (ou attaquée, ou en prise) si le camp
adverse,s'il avait le trait, pouvait la capturer."

In fact f1 is guarded (not attacked) by the bQ, and occupied by a  
piece of same color than the  king, so indeed the mate is not pure - I  
forgot this condition which was not recalled in your challenge! Now I  
can understand exactly want you want, I'm gonna try it this weekend.

All the best,


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