[Retros] A new program to solve fairy proof games

François Labelle flab at wismuth.com
Mon Oct 30 17:05:06 EDT 2017

Dear retro friends,

I would like to introduce "Jacobi", a new program that can solve fairy 
proof games. The home page is at http://wismuth.com/jacobi/ . The 
program is a web app that runs in your browser and requires no installation.

It can solve proof games that Popeye struggles with, which by itself is 
a good enough reason to add Jacobi to your toolbox. There are also new 
possibilities like allowing undefined pieces in the diagram of a proof game.

That said, it is still far from being a "Natch/Euclide for fairy chess". 
Jacobi's introductory problem is in 9.5 moves, while Natch's is in 22.5 
and Euclide's in 26.0. But this is the first version and performance 
might improve over time.

How to try Jacobi for people in a hurry:
- copy any example problem from the home page to your clipboard
- click on "Launch the latest version"
- paste the problem into the box below "Text representation"
- click on "Set problem from text"
- click on "Start".

I hope that you find it useful!


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