[Retros] Call for original problems for the french retro solving competition

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Sat Mar 11 09:12:59 EST 2017

Hello Roberto,

I am afraid that you posted your problem to the mailing list, in reply
to my call.  I won't be able to use it, as it has been disclosed


>>>>> "roberto" == roberto osorio <osorio.arg at gmail.com> writes:

  roberto> Hi Pascal, It is always funny to participate someway in this
  roberto> Tourney. I offer you the following,

  roberto> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  roberto> *Roberto Osorio*
  roberto> 1n4k1/1pp3np/6b1/3p1p1p/1Pq5/2P5/P1P1P1PP/RNBQKBNR PG in 14.5
  roberto> moves (15+11) C+

  roberto>  1. Pf2-f4 Cg8-f6 2. Pf4-f5 Cf6-h5 3. Pf5-f6 Pd7-d5 4. Pf6xe7
  roberto> Fc8-f5 5. Pe7xf8=F Ff5-g6 6. Ff8-c5 Dd8-h4 7.* Fc5-f2* Dh4-c4
  roberto> 8. Ff2xa7 0-0 9. Fa7-c5 Ta8-a3 10. *Fc5xf8* Ta3-c3 11. Pd2xc3
  roberto> Pf7-f5 12. Fc1-h6 Pg7xh6 13. Ff8-a3 Ch5-g7 14. Pb2-b4 Ph6-h5
  roberto> 15. *Fa3-c1*

  roberto> *Author:* one man touch on the three home-related squares,
  roberto> the originating Pawn one (f2, Pawn circuit), the bishop
  roberto> promotion one (f8, Donati) and the original bishop (c1,
  roberto> Pronkin), (PC & DO &
  roberto> PR)(B).  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  roberto> It is quite easy to solve. Please let me know if you consider
  roberto> it suitable for the Contest.

  roberto> best wishes, Roberto

  roberto> 2017-03-11 9:11 GMT-03:00 Pascal Wassong
  roberto> <pascal.wassong at free.fr>:

  >> Hello,
  >> the annual french problem meeting will be organized from friday 2nd
  >> to monday 5th June (as usual, one week after the Andernach
  >> meeting).  The place is now Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or instead of
  >> Messigny for the 3rd year.  This year, I am in charge of the
  >> traditional retro solving competition.  If you have in your files
  >> some suitable original problem, I will welcome it.  Problems
  >> shouldn't be too difficult in view of a time limited competition
  >> (~8 problems to solve in ~2 hours).  SPGs should be computer
  >> tested.  Retros other than SPGs should allow easy distribution of
  >> points.  I would like to include one retro or SPG with a fairy
  >> condition.  Originals used for the Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d'Or
  >> solving tourney will be published in Phenix and will compete for
  >> the 2017 retro informal tourney.
  >> Best, Pascal Wassong
  >> PS: be careful not sending your problems by answering this mail,
  >> but to send it directly to me: pascal.wassong at free.fr
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