[Retros] (59,23,0)/9.0/# is sound (Re: FW: FW: distance-PG-)

Nicolas Dupont Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr
Sun Sep 11 11:43:26 EDT 2016

>   1.e2-e4 h7-h5   2.Qd1*h5 a7-a5   3.Qh5*a5 Rh8*h2   4.Qa5*c7 Rh2-h8  
>    5.Rh1*h8 Ra8*a2   6.Qc7-h2 Ra2-a8   7.Ra1*a8 Qd8-a5   8.Bf1-a6     
> Qa5-h5   9.Ke1-f1 Qh5-d1

> So we have the first sound PGs ending in mate with moves of average length
> greater than 5.

Oh yes, I focused on the overall record without remarking the  
possibility of a checkmate ending... Btw it is possible to get an  
average length greater than 4 in the ep framework:

1. Pe2-e4   Pb7-b5     2. Dd1-g4   Pb5-b4     3. Dg4xg7   Ff8xg7
4. Ff1-a6   Fg7xb2     5. Re1-e2   Fb2-e5     6. Fc1-b2   Fe5xh2
7. Fb2xh8   Fh2-e5     8. Th1-h6   Fe5xa1     9. Th6-b6   Fa1-f6
10. Cg1-h3   Ff6-h4    11. Fh8-a1   Fc8xa6    12. Pc2-c4   Pb4xc3ep

ep(22,51,1) in 12.0 => 4,015... Maybe it is possible to mix those 2  
PGs to break that bound, but I didn't find something convincing until  

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