[Retros] one man PGs

Nicolas Dupont Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr
Wed May 25 08:34:08 EDT 2016

> SPG 23.5 C+

> 1.d4 b6 2.Bd2 b5 3.Ba5 b4 4.Nd2 b3 5.Rb1 bxa2 6.b4 a1=N
> 7.b5 Nb3 8.b6 Nc5 9.b7 Ne4 10.bxa8=B Nef6 11.Bd5 Ng4
> 12.Ba2 Nxh2 13.d5 Ng4 14.Rh4 Ne3 15.Rd4 Nxd1 16.f4 Nf2
> 17.g4 Nh3 18.Bg2 Nxg1 19.Kf2 Nf3 20.Kg3 Ne5 21.Kh4 Nc4
> 22.Kh5 Nb6 23.c4 Na8 24.Rb6

Oh yes, thanks Goran. It becomes a record that might be quite hard to  
break, with moreover a nice diagram position.


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