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Below is 1st Com. in the Champagne Tourney for “long travel” problems, Kobe 2012, showing a one man round trip.  I expect there are longer examples of one man SPGs.

Best wishes,


Champagne Tourney

WCCC Kobe 2012

Allan Bell


1st Commendation


/ :F: : :/

/45TP:P: 01RP/

/ :P:P: :/

/: 67F :P()P /

/ 45T : : 23D/

/: : : : /






SPG 15.5


1.Pd2-d3 Pe7-e6  2.Pd3-d4 Bf8-c5  3.Pd4-d5 Sg8-e7  4.Pd5-d6 O-O  5.Pd6xe7 Pf7-f5  6.Pe7-e8=R Qd8-h4  7.Re8-e7 Rf8-f6  8.Re7-f7 Rf6-g6  9.Rf7-f6 Rg6-g4  10.Rf6-g6 Rg4-b4  11.Rg6-g3 Pg7-g5  12.Rg3-a3 Kg8-g7  13.Ra3xa7 Sb8-a6  14.Ra7xa6 Ra8-a7  15.Ra6-d6 Pc7-c6  16.Rd6-d2   


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Subject: [Retros] one man PGs

Hi friends, 

This is probably not a new matter, but I ask it anyway.

Have the "one man" records been explored? I mean, PGs where one or both sides
move just one piece.

Far away to pretend to be a record, I show an example (surely already done),

One side "one man"

12.0 moves   C+

1. Pf2-f4   Cg8-f6     2. Pf4-f5   Cf6-d5     3. Pf5-f6   Cd5-b4    
4. Pf6xe7   Pf7-f5     5. Pe7xf8=F Pf5-f4     6. Ff8-c5   Dd8-h4    
7. Fc5-f2   Dh4-h3     8. Ff2xa7   0-0        9. Fa7-c5   Ta8-a3    
10. Fc5xf8   Ta3-f3    11. Ff8-c5   Pd7-d6    12. Fc5-f2   Tf3xf2    

Two sided "one man"

7.0 moves   C+

1. Pf2-f4   Pa7-a5     2. Pf4-f5   Pa5-a4     3. Pf5-f6   Pa4-a3    
4. Pf6xg7   Pa3xb2     5. Pg7xf8=F Pb2xa1=F   6. Ff8xe7   Fa1-g7    
7. Fe7-f8   Fg7xf8 

There are different tasks, lenght record, Homebase, thematic touches (Pronkin, Donati, etc).

Roberto Osorio

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