[Retros] Proca retractor tourney

Joost de Heer joost at sanguis.xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 3 08:39:36 EDT 2015

Perhaps interesting for some people:


Tourney name: "Forward Defense"
Stipulation: Proca Retractor
Theme: Proca Retractor with white try refuted by a Forward Defense (see 
Fairy pieces are not allowed. Fairy conditions are allowed. Proca 
Retractor is a defensive Retractor. Black is defending by trying to 
retract the moves that will forbid (or delay) the achievement of White's 
goal. Examples of orthodox or fairy Proca Retractors is here.
A Proca-retractor in n moves asks for White to retract n moves and then 
mate in 1 with a forward move. After every White retraction (but the 
last) Black retracts what he wants, trying to defend against the forward 
mate. White retractions must end in a forward mate against any 
retractive defense by Black. As in direct problems, White is allowed to 
mate forward in 1 at any time (after a retraction) and this may happen 
if Black picks a poor defense. Also, Black may defend by mating White 
through a forward move if such an opportunity exists after one of his 
retractions: this is a Forward Defense.
Judge: Vlaicu Crişan & Eric Huber.
Closing date: October 4, 2015

Examples can be found in the link.

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