[Retros] Variant Proof Games

Kevin Begley kevinjbegley at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 02:39:10 EDT 2015

Hi Peter,

Here are a few choice Variant PGs of my own (and joints) which I recommend
adding to your collection:

The problems are posted at PDB. Search for the probid given.
You have my permission to take them from this site.

probid='P1070035'    (joint with Kostas Prentos)
Parrain Circe, 8 white pawns reborn on the first rank.

probid='P1095546 '   (joint with Kostas Prentos, dedicated to Gerd Wilts)
Parrain Circe. .  10 en passant captures (an important record) shown in
style (all pawn moves).

probid=' P1080551'  (dedicated to Michael "fpawn" Aigner)
Circe Equipollent.  A challenging solving mystery (how to account for
white's f-pawn?), with a Queen circuit, and a surprising platzwechsel of
black bishops.

probid='P1114941'  (joint with Paul Raican)
Platzwechselcirce. 16 pawns reborn on the first rank.

Anti-Kings on a Horizontaler Cylinder.  Shows a 12-fold Cyclic Platzwechsel
(f1>g8>e1>f8>g1>e8>d1>c8>b1>d8>c1>b8>f1), in only 9 moves.

Platzwechselcirce and Degradierung.  14 Demotions, result in a diagram with
30 pawns.

Locomotives  (the definition of this condition can be found on Mat Plus).
If you need more info, let me know.  I think this is a very nice
demonstration of the condition, with some remarkable rebirth-circuits.
Unfortunately, it is not yet computer tested.

I've made some others, which you might find interesting... but the above
(along with those you've already selected) probably represent my most
interesting works.
Of course, you are certainly free to use any others you might like...
Two mutiphase variant PGs which are worth a look:

probid='P1294905'   and  probid='P1084420'

If you have any questions about any of these, let me know, and I'd be happy
to help.

Best Regards,

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Kevin Begley
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