[Retros] Messigny 2015 results

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CorrectionMichel won in 1h38All timings have been corrected on the website.http://phenix-echecs.fr/Messigny/AFCE.php

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Subject: [Retros] Messigny 2015 results

Dear retro friends


Like each year, a retro solving contest took
place during the French annual meeting of Messigny (this year in St-germain - May
22 to May 25 - 2015). 

This year, 9 problems were given to solve to the
competitors in 2h30.

Michel CAILAUD, the favourite, once more gains
the title of ‘champion of France’ for retro by solving all the problems in 1h08.


I thank the authors who gave me originals for
this contest.


You can try to solve the problems in 2h30 to see
how it was difficult. Don't forget that you aren't under pressure of the
competition like the candidates of Messigny.

All the problems and solutions are available in
.pdf format at:



The award of the Messigny retro composing
tournament is also available on the Phenix web site.


In addition to that you will find the other
results for non-retro solving contest and compositing tournaments.








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