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Thu Dec 31 07:55:34 EST 2015

Dear friends,
Best wishes for Year 2016 !!
Composers provided an improved version of their 2nd prize with 1 more  
thematical move by the Rook :
Jonathan Mestel & Allan Bell, 2nd Prize, Champagne 2015, version
SPG 20,5 (13+12)
1.a4 b5 2.a×b5 a5 3.b6 a4 4.b7 a3 5.b×ç8=B a2 6.Bb7 a×b1=C 7.Bé4 Nç3 8.d×ç3 
 g5 9.Bf4 g4 10.é3 g3 11.Qg4 g×h2 12.Bé2 h×g1=C 13.Rh5 Bh6 14.Qh4 Kf8 
15.Bg4 Nf3+  16.g×f3 Kg7 17.Rg5+ Kf6 18.Rf5+ Ké6 19.Ré5+ Kd6 20.Rd5+ Kç6 21.Rç5+ 

Paul Raican also noticed that the first version of this problem should be  
compared with P1067819 in PDB
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