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Dear friends,
The bulletin of the Ostroda congress including the Champagne award can be  
found at following address :
Best regards,
Michel Caillaud
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Dear friends,
Please note that the Tourney is opened only to  Congress Participants
The Tourney is declined  in 2 sections (with separate awards) :
A . ProofGames B. Any  other kind of Retro problems

Theme is Hesitation :  a piece can  (retro)-move to a certain square in one 
move; it first moves to another square  before moving to this square
Example for Section A :   
Gerd WILTS Retro mailing list 1997
SPG 4,0 2 solutions (16+16)  C+ 
1.b3  e5  2.Ba3 Be7 3.Bd6 Bg5  4.b4  Be3 
1.b4 e6 2.Bb2 Bc5 3.Be5 Be3 4.Bd6 e5 
Hesitating  Pawns 
Example for Section B :  
Fadil  ABDURAHMANOVIC Special HM Orbit 2011-II
h‡2* (5+7) 
1…h4 2.Kd3  0-0-0# 
With Black on move,  last  white move is by wK or wRa1, so 0-0-0 is illegal 
1.Qb3 Ra5  2.Qd3 Sf3#  Hesitating  Queen 
Fairy conditions allowed in both  sections. 
Maximum 3 entries per composer per  section. Maximum 1 non computer tested 
entry  per composer in section A 
Entries are to be handed to me in  Ostroda by Wednesday 5th August 9:00 PM 
Best  regards, 

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