[Retros] The Empty File Tourney: 1st ChessProblem.net Composing Tournament

Alexander George ageorge at amherst.edu
Tue Nov 11 18:41:42 EST 2014


ChessProblem.net announces its first tourney. Entries should be in the genre of orthodox retroanalysis (no proof games, no fairy features). Judge's special tournament feature: diagram position must present at least one unoccupied file. Limit of three entries per composer; joint compositions permitted. Judge: Thomas Volet. Closing date: March 1, 2015. Register at ChessProblem.net<http://ChessProblem.net>, and send entries (with solutions) to Housekeeper via private message. For a sample problem and all future announcements, see: http://chessproblem.net/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=893 .

Thanks for your attention.

Alexander George
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