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Fri May 16 07:05:35 EDT 2014

Hi Joost,

I can confirm that. Last week, in a real game at the club, I was about to
be mated. I grabbed my king though, moved it left and right over the board
until all other units had taken refuge in the chess box. Then I put it in
my pocket. Nobody objected and my opponent signed off the score sheet in my
favor. Finally, I picked up my gun and left for home. What have FIDE rules
got to do with actual chess games? Strange enough, the computer did object
when I tried to register the Kings end game. Never got the hang of computer

Guus Rol.

  And a small sidenote: castling rights and castling have nothing in common
> in a game. You can castle in a game even if you don't have the right, since
> illegal moves are allowed until there is a correct claim of illegality. See
> e.g. http://timkr.home.xs4all.nl/records/recordstxt.htm#
> greatest%20number%20of%20castlings
> Joost
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