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Wed May 14 06:25:30 EDT 2014

Hi Roberto,

Well, let me clarify my intention (without technical details).
Of course I mean the 50-m. rule. In a), castling is still achievable in 
possible is 9(50).Bxh2! K~ and 10.0-0. Thus, the first switchback 
Ke1-~-e1 does
change the position. In b), castling has been lost ultimately: 9(50).Bf4 
Thus, one might declare that already the first switchback Ke1-~-e1 
changes nothing!
Practical possibility vs technical ("bureaucratic" in your terms) one!?


Roberto Osorio wrote on May 11:

Your idea sound interesting but I'm not getting it totally. It seems to 
be connected with the
50 moves rule (I understand 41 complete moves, not single moves), but it 
seems that the
answer is just "complete the 50 moves", since the bK.

Moreover, I'm ashamed but I'm not getting the difference with wBc1->a1.
Could you explain a bit please?

Guus Rol wrote:

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> Hi retrofriends, Guus,
> Generally I share Guus' attitude to the future impact...
> To illustrate, returning to Roberto's starting challenge,
> let's consider a more sophisticated, and more doubtful, example:
> www.janko.at/Retros/d.php?ff=4k3/5p2/2p1pP2/2PpP3/2pPp3/2PpP3/3P3p/2B1K2R 
> <http://www.janko.at/Retros/d.php?ff=4k3/5p2/2p1pP2/2PpP3/2pPp3/2PpP3/3P3p/2B1K2R>
> (10+9)
> W to move, the same question for wK (how many sequential two move 
> switchbacks
> could be legally performed by him) under the following precondition:
> the last pawn's move was made 42 moves ago (or, instead:
> last 41 moves were made by pieces, not pawns).
> b) wBc1->a1. Should the Rules ensure distinct answers?
> Valery Liskovets

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