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Positions are considered the same if and only if the same player has the
move, pieces of the same kind and colour occupy the same squares and the
POSSIBLE MOVES of all the pieces of both players are the same. THUS
positions are not the same if:

(2) a king or rook had castling rights, but forfeited these after moving.
The castling rights are lost only after the king or rook is moved.


To what I said before, let me just add that when the rules mention
“possible moves” they do not say “immediately executable moves”. Since the
“castling move” is not a “it’s-now-or-never” case as in the e.p. capture,
the rules should be understood as to also refer to a possible future move.
What the rules do exclude, according to the point of view I am considering
here based on the impotance of the “thus”, is the existence of a difference
in the position (as for the triple repetition) if at the beginning of the
sequence there exist “unexecutable throughout the rest of the game”
castling rights which are lost before the position is repeated for the
third time. In this case, the possible moves (with the broader meaning that
includes possible future moves) are the same in the three cases, regardless
of any right.

Again note that I do not defend any position, but I only try to interprete
what the rules mean as they are written.
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