[Retros] the three draw rules in one problem

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Sun Jun 22 09:43:19 EDT 2014

Hi friends,

Perhaps an example could help to discuss the connection / non-connection between the administrative rules.

In fact I think this issue should be taken in the simplest way: rules are rules, and they are all in force
 simultaneously.  I found the tries to make them relative, in the form of meta-rules, etc, a bit forced. There 
is no collision in Orthodox chess (I’m focused in that, trying to follow what Guus stated some dozens of 
messages ago, “if we can´t agree the things for orthodox chess …..”. I’m not dealing here with conventions
 but just with the administrative rules.

I published some years ago a problem including the three draw rules in the contents. It is not the big deal,
 I just wanted to show this contents which at that time I thought it was original. I had to use a sort of 
Conditional presentation,

wK made the maximum number of legal circuits c2-c8-c2 starting from a position
identical to the diagram one. How many circuits? Win?
a) White to play
b) Black to play

Each circuit requested 12moves so no more than 4 were legal since there were no captures
or pawn moves during the manouver (50 moves rule). The 4 circuits requested 48 moves but
the location of the pieces had been repeated 5 times and therefore (to avoid the triple repetition
rule) the turn to play had to be changed before completing the 2nd or 3rd circuit. This
tempo increased the moves up to 49 but, since after completing the 4th circuit the turn to play had
to be the same as the starting one, then the wK had to make another tempo and therefore
50 moves were made during the 4 circuits.

Now we have to consider the legality of the 4 circuits last move from the 3rd draw rule point of view:
Dead Reckoning.

In a), after 50. Kc2 the bK is on h8 and black has the chance to play 50.   , a4, avoiding the
50 moves rule and therefore the position is not a 'dead' one. This way, the 5oth black move
Kg8 is legal.
On the contrary, in b) after the 50th black move Kg8 there would be  no way to avoid the draw by 
50 moves rule (wK can't be on b3 to be in contact with the black pawn in order to have the chance
to capture) so the position is a dead one BEFORE the 50th white move Kc2 and the 4th circuit
couldn't be completed.

a) 4 circuits. Draw by the 50 moves rule
b) 3 circuits. White wins.

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