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Thu Jun 5 05:10:04 EDT 2014

Hi Nicolas and Kevin,

Since the completion of the Babson task I am certain that every idea in
chess which can be conceived, can also be realized. Of course there are
constructions where 3R has a negative impact. As there are construction
where the castling convention has a negative impact, the e.p. convention
has a negative impact or any rule in the FIDE rulebook has a negative
impact. Even the presence of the square h1 on a chess board has been known
to frustrate the realization of some brilliant compositions!

I am in general not very worried about those impacts. What I am worried
about is negative impacts on the soundness, the consistency, the coherence,
the workability, the conceptual justification and the computability of the
whole system of rules and conventions. I decided long ago that having
automatic termination rules/conventions makes sense without partcularly
caring about what is in the FIDE laws at present. And see, what happens in
2014? The FIDE is about to implement automatic draws for both repetition
and no-progress situations to suit the computer boys. "Computibilty" is the
access code for the 21st century. Lets get rid of the code for the previous
one: "I am an expert in interpreting chess rules and convention at 50$ per

Best wishes, Guus Rol.

On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 2:55 AM, Nicolas Dupont <
Nicolas.Dupont at univ-lille1.fr> wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> I stress that 50M is non-analogous, because it has never been established
>> that 3R has any negative consequence -- 50M severely limits the composer's
>> free expression, and there is no evidence which suggests that 3R has a
>> similar impact.
> If not already existing, it is certainly not difficult to construct an
> ad-hoc fairy condition, such that 3R has a negative impact...
> Nicolas.
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